Ready & waiting for Autumn.


Its a glorious time of year! Although the temperature is oppressively hot and a layer of dust covers nearly everything, there is an anticipatory glee happening all at the same time,  for we are days away from the Autumn Equinox!


And perfectly on schedule, two cardigans come off the needles and sit folded, well-mannered and patient, waiting for the eventful day (hopefully soon) they meet their people~~ Miss Sixteen & Miss Thirteen…


I’ll not say a self-promoting word about what pattern these are knit from or anything like that, I’ll just say that I’ve spent the better part of 6 weeks merrily throwing stitches for these plain & simple sweaters. One last detail to do, the hand-made label…



And now they are indeed done & dusted. I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment at this point in the year, all ready for the rains to fall, whenever it will be, who knows, but I look forward to that first sprinkle like candy falling from the sky.


Next time you see these babies, they’ll be on my nieces in Calistoga, for the traditional annual Autumn Sweater photo session.  Autumn is on its way, and life is good!

13 thoughts on “Ready & waiting for Autumn.

  1. I love the cardigans you knit for your nieces. I look forward to the photo shoot in Calistoga. It looks like Fall is heading this way as well, the leaves are starting to turn colour and drop off the trees.

    • Thank you Wendy! Hopefully soon we can photograph, but er… not while we’re having 90F degree weather …. uhg.
      Here too, the maple leaves are beginning to fall, but here also , the leaves falling is a slow process which lasts into December.

  2. Hey, here they are! True classic cardigans, no “bell and whistles” (is this term correct :-)))), just plain beauty!
    Have fun at your equinox shooting & I am looking forward to this autumn pictures.

    • Thanks Morrie… I think they might be a little snug, but they’ll look wonderful I am certain. I think I’ll be posting pictures by the end of the weekend.

  3. You know, I am almost out of the old ‘handmade by Jennifer’ labels I bought online, and I decided to switch over as time permits, and embroider my own from soft linen. Much nicer.

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