Back From The High Sierra.


We three ~ Jeff, Emma, & me ~ went for a short & sweet trip to High Sierras over the weekend for our anniversary.  There was a little hiking, cooking, tea & coffee drinking, fishing & knitting, sniffing around….


Restorative in many ways, as always, the alpine scenery soothed a yearning that only it can do. What is it about pitching a tent in the wilderness at high altitude to claim some spot in nature as our home for a few days?

Something about the fragile alpine flowers …
and gnarled trees.

fast and furious rain storms …

The granite everywhere and deep crystal clear blue lakes …

Granite Lake

wide horizon of jagged ridges and expressive skies.


A storm is brewing!

Windy thunder & rain storms which suddenly take hold for a couple of hours in the afternoon,


sending us for cover in our cozy tent to wait it out.

Granite Lake in Mokelumne Wilderness was just what I craved.  Bundled up quite puffy  in down and wool layers, knitting in the cold & windy pause between storms …


Abandoned my knitting to go fire up the camp stove and make hot coffee!
Jeff got to fish a couple of times, though he didn’t get even one bite, too stormy.


Then it was time for trail coffee & tea !!!



We found that Emma was perfectly able to handle carrying a doggie pack and hike as she did once before, and it was as if her little arthritic limp of late almost disappeared completely. 072007

She is in top form !


Most importantly, this trip to the Sierras was to celebrate a very important mark in our partnership,


We were so lucky to have Granite Lake all to ourselves, at near 9000′ elevation & less than three miles from the trail-head. It is my theory that the forecast dramatic thunderstorms cleared the lake for us. We were prepared to hike cross-country (off-trail) to another lake for privacy, but had no need, it was a total stroke of luck.

With only a little over 3 hour drive, we can be in the High Sierra, fishing & knitting at a granite bowl. It just doesn’t get any better than that ! Off we go back home, but we’ll be back . . .

8 thoughts on “Back From The High Sierra.

  1. WOW. What a wonderful trip! And beautiful photographs to show for it. Love that you are knitting with coffee beside the lake, and Jeff got to go fishing. Its beautiful scenery and a lovely place to celebrate. I wish I were closer to the area! Makes me long for a nice trip myself. Think I’ll have to do that. And your knitting, you didn’t say what it was, is that a teaser? lol. Love that you had a great time.

    • Hello Martha ! It was a thoroughly wonderful time had by all. I was only knitting Penny Candy Socks… lol… I suppose I could link to them, naw. I hope you and Oreo are healthy and happy !

  2. Well! What a great break you have had. It looks amazing. And all to yourselves.

    Absolutely wonderful and three hours away. I can see you trooping off every other weekend……………………..

    • Hi Lizzi. That is the plan ! And , to keep trekking at home in between, so that each time we go to the Sierras we can go longer. This was a toes-in-the-water … though we use to go out for a week and cover a lot of distance, that was quite a few years ago…. and just not in my ability now.

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