Sweater Success !

Sunday I met my nieces in Calistoga , beneath the snow-capped Mt.St Helena. Weather permitted, but just.  I photographed them modelling  their new sweaters  in and about the interesting nooks in Calistoga ~ our favorite being the mural of Old Town Calistoga ~ and among some colorful walls of the buildings.

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Then afterward, as is our tradition,

 icecream cones…

because modelling is hard work !


*   *   *

Detailed in Ravelry here.

13 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

  1. So nice to see the girls growing up so much in the short time I have been following your blog – a very grown-up young lady and and an extremely cute little sister. (Lovely sweaters, too!)

    • Lizzi, I was looking in the “My Own” page above, where I have in sequence them growing up in the last few years, it is truly amazing. You have been following way before anybody, so you know how they’ve grown up a lot in recent years.

  2. Such gorgeous models your nieces, the knitted tops are beauitful and suit them so well, very pretty colors too. Your neice in the purple top reminds me of Jewel, the singer 🙂

  3. Hey Lindy, well, my nieces *are* pretty amazing girls, and the more that I feature them here twice a year in their Equinox Sweaters ~ at least~ the more I realize that Yarnings is all about them, and for them, and the rest is just fluff.

  4. You’re going to need more yarn! 🙂 I love these tees. I bet my granddaughter would love one of these too. I’m going to have to consider making one. You’re very inspiring!

  5. Absolutely beautiful beyond words, Jen. Wonderful poses and photographs. You should post a photos from last spring to this one…before/after? These are a couple of happy kids in happy hand-knits. You are incredibly productive…it makes me ashamed for my lack of knitting and finishing of late. But, I am okay though…enjoying a little getaway in the valley this past few days and through spring break.

    • I have decided that knitting for my nieces has turned me into a knitter. I just can’t wait for the next equinox, and what to make for them. They are very happy recipients, and true colorists themselves, as I only knit what colors they choose, so they are teaching me to love color.

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