summer knitting

jenjoycedesign© two-cowls.JPG

I’m going a bit crazy with linen blend yarns this spring & summer. I decided to knit up TWO striped summery cowls for my Canadian Nieces Molly & Maya.  The yarn I’m ‘tasting’ is “Firefly” by Classic Elite Yarns; a sport-weight %75 viscose & 25% linen ( but I tell you, it feels like mostly linen.)  Time is of the essence so I’m making no pretenses, I’ve just cast on, and I’ll see you on the flip-side.





18 thoughts on “summer knitting

    • Well, as you already know, the lovely cowls will buy me some time on the socks I promised to them. But sheesh… who wants to be gifted wool socks in July!!! Me thinks linen lace is so much more apropos 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Stefanie, decided linen cowls better than wool socks for summer 🙂 (((I bet you’ve guessed I’m turning into a yarn-o-holic!)))

  1. Both color shades looking so good! Couldn’t decide which one I would prefer :-)))
    Isn’t the viscose too slippery? Or do the linen gives enough grip?
    happy knitting !

    • Petra, thank you. Some linens are too course feeling until its been washed and worn a lot, so not so good for a gift I was thinking (like Euroflax, or Shibui Twig, … but this yarn is very soft because its mostly viscose. Yes a little slippery, but that’s what will make it a nice summery draping thing. I will be of course, photographing finished cowls, hopefully in a few days. 🙂

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