June and yarn tasting…

jenjoycedesign© yarn tasting

I went into town this morning, and stopped into the local yarn shop, and there was a new batch of yarn in, which I just couldn’t resist. Rowan Purelife “Revive” : 36% recycled silk, 36% recycled cotton, and 28% recycled viscose. Beautiful apricot pink and clay tweeds, which will suit my coloring well, as  I plan on making it into a ‘striped’  Altitude Lace Cowl,  and for moi !   (Ahem… once bought and brought home, I can never resist a good ol’ yarn photo-shoot,  as yarn makes such nice portraits.)

As of a few days ago we’ve had the presence of  some interesting clouds hovering!  Today I swear, it rained a few drops, a few gorgeous wet drops, and threatens to rain some more…

jenjoycedesign© clouds (2)

June is a lovely month. Transitional, mostly unpredictable, mild, beautiful, and cheerful.  I even love the word, so cute, and yet rather ancient sounding… “joon”.

I have decided to not write a pattern for the halter tops I mentioned in last post. Just too much uncharted territory to deal with, as I have so much to get busy with in the knitting, and my non-knitting life too.  So the cotton tops will be a pure & simple yarn tasting and summer treat for my nieces ~~ with no agenda. ( Wow, ‘no agenda’ sounds like I was let out on summer vacation! )

That is it for this post, more a clearing of slate and in a lovely mood as June unwinds into summertime, so soon to be here.

16 thoughts on “June and yarn tasting…

    • Hi Stef, the sky was most certainly phenomenal the other night. Rain clouds moving in, and yet we’ve had mostly fog and cool (which is welcome by me! ) The Rowan Purelife “Revive” is super nice! I recommend trying some, and if you would like to knit the cowl, let me know and I’ll send you the pattern. I will be showing off once I get a few repeats into it… oh, going to make ‘striped’. 🙂 Enjoy your vacation with not-too-much agenda hopefully. 🙂

      • Jen, you are always so sweet and generous with your patterns. When I get some WIPs off the needles I will be knocking on your door. I have always loved that stitch pattern because of its history and timeless appeal.

    • Hi Kelly! The color I thought was pink in the shop until I got it out… more apricot and putty tones…. which I LOVE. I hope your JOON is going smoothly, and thanks so much for coming by. xx

    • Hi Morrie… Lenticular formation? I just learned something!
      So interesting that you saw the same ones, they probably looked a little different, but just as gobsmacking!!
      But, where’s the rain? 🙂 xx

  1. Myself included! I think the feather & fan patterning lends itself awesomely to color changes (stripes) a few lace repeats wide. I will definitely show it off, and soon! Thanks xx

  2. Such a great sky – and so well photographed
    Saw wonderful cloud formation today, too – I really love this kind of natural spectacle!
    I still remember the wide sky and gorgeous night sky I saw in California and Arizona, long long ago………… ( as a halter shirt had could been a nice idea to complete my wardrobe (lol)
    Lovely June for you xoxox

    • Petra, the clouds photo I took from our deck, as the sun had already gone down.

      I will give you the notes to knit the halter top from, I promise, for I had already written them! I just had my doubts and wanted to release myself from obliging to a pattern… it became a heavy weight, a ‘yoke’ to bear as I couldn’t really guess how they will fit (prototypes for my nieces being so much smaller than myself I couldn’t even try on!). I need to finish ones at hand first, photograph the finished pieces, and then decide whether or not to submit the pattern I wrote (yes, wrote), I am thinking the photos of the modeled will be the deciding factor. 🙂 xx

    • Petra, I will restore the notes for the test-page for “California Dreamin” halter top so you can knit one if you like. Password and url will be the same. 🙂 xx

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