The Last Of Spring

jenjoycedesign© cotton-yarn 2.JPG

It is already the last stretch of Spring, and forthcoming is a little duo for summer!  One in dark teal, and one in light teal, in Cascade Ultra Pima cotton yarn,to test my latest design, a summer top idea that I’ve been working on.

jenjoycedesign© cotton-yarn

Other things going on, I will splash on to this post, as I am worried I don’t share enough non-knitting things here in general. So, here,  a mountain woodland garden…

jenjoycedesign© 006

Where in I try to grow things which are sometimes a challenge, but this season, doing well enough.

jenjoycedesign© mountain garden

Blossoming leeks,

jenjoycedesign© leeks

my greens bed protected from the harsh sun beneath their sun-bonnet,   grapes exploding into clusters fattening,  beans beginning to climb, nearly 4′ high tomato plants, apples beginning to blush and swell, and very shy slow-growing zucchini…

Um….jeans ripening  in the sun?


Well, not really, just foolin’ around!  Thats about it for this post, and I surely hope to have made the two halter tops by the next post, sometime around the solstice, which will be June 20! 

How are your last weeks of spring coming along?

14 thoughts on “The Last Of Spring

    • Thanks Sorcha! I am looking forward to that summer photo shoot, but not necessarily slogging through two knitted tops to get there (for there always involves ripping back, etc. Basically, my space is a sweat shop for 10 days (solstice on the 20th?)
      🙂 xx

  1. Your garden is beautiful, so many yummy vegetables and fruits. The halter top is adorable. Such lovely colours for your nieces summer tops.

    • Thank you Wendy. I kind of took off the photo of the halter sketch, for it didn’t seem all that flattering. I’ll just leave the suspense until the (hopefully much better knit) cotton tops are finished, and show them off a bunch. 🙂 xx

    • Hi you! I am working,working,working away on halter number 1, had to rip back a whole day’s worth of work (and just caught up to where I was on the ball before ripping out and winding it up again) xx

  2. Wow, Jen! Your garden is so beautiful and inviting. I would love to help you, to grub and water him, and it must be wonderful, preparing meals with own grown vegetables!
    So pity, that I don’t find enough time, to have a “real” vegetables garden by my own.
    Sending you some of our rain today….☔

  3. Thank you Petra for the warm helpful thoughts, and the rain sent all the way from Germany! I did manage to bring down a pot of tea and enjoy some knitting in the rustic garden plot (very rustic) , and it would be so nice if you were there! 🙂 xx

    • Once again, I strolled through your garden and discovered the old bathtub ! Is this the place , where the leeks are growing?
      We also have one in our garden, as a rainwater barrel. Every year I cut nettles, to lay them in the rain water bathtub, to get a nice organic fertilizer. ( Oh Jen, hope I found the right words….. sure you understand my gibberish…….)

  4. Petra , your English is perfectly understandable, never do I even become even slightly confused. Yes, that is my ‘leeky tub’ which in English is a play on words … a ‘leaking tub’ (( more in this old post you must have remembered? ) How wonderful that you make an old rain barrel into a composter! Brilliant. I must try something like that . Composting takes such talent in my neck of the woods! (( I am very challenged ))

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