day one: digging

Sept 28, 2018 1

2:30 pm, on day one of rebuild. Excavating really deep for footing (the county building codes are so over-kill now). The first time, in early summer of 2000, Jeff and I did this by ourselves, not even half this wide or deep; Jeff operating a simple little back hoe, I moved the dirt in his lumbering old Ford 420 bucket front-loader, and lots of using pick and shovels too, and it took us a long time. Three men digging and moving dirt, with foreman, Jeff, and five miniature Dachshunds standing by, the excavation will be finished today!

Sept 28, 2018 7Sept 28, 2018 5Sept 28, 2018 6

17 thoughts on “day one: digging

  1. Jen!
    I just like to repeat my words from ravelry:
    enjoy all the noise and dirt and so on, telling you: a new chapter started! Yeah!
    I am so happy for you!

    • Petra, I feel glimpses of what life will be like maybe in a year from now, living in our rebuilt house. I’m pretending in my conscious thinking ( so that my subconscious will think so) that we are only remodeling the original house , and that It will feel much the same. New chapter indeed! xx

  2. This time next year you will have your croft loft back! ….and boy, this place is never gonna move! Thats for sure! Earthquake? What earthquake?

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