Summer Stripes


Striped lace cowls in cool blues and warm pinks, knit in a lovely summery linen blend yarn that is draping and soft. I am very happy they’re finished, and just in time for them to go to my Canadian nieces for their birthdays …


I love this pattern, a traditional lace motif called ‘feather & fan’  which is so easy it can be knit in my sleep. But these are the first striped versions of the pattern I’ve tried, and will try one more in stripes, with yarn mentioned on this post,  before the summer is over.


As I dared myself to not make a peep until I finished these two, now there may be some chattiness!  On my knitting needles, I have still some promised summer knitting for my two beautiful California nieces (whom all of you are familiar with ~ presently Miss Sixteen & Miss Thirteen ), and then its looking into a stretch of who-knows-what-may-come for a quiet spell of imminent lazy & hot summer weeks.


Pattern: my own Altitude Lace Cowl

Yarn: Classic Elite Firefly (posted previously)

Blue stripes project details on Ravelry  HERE,     and pink stripes project details HERE.


11 thoughts on “Summer Stripes

  1. The lace looks so much more open in these photos than the prototypes on the pattern. Is it because you are using larger needles and finer yarn, or both? I am seeing visions of this pattern as curtains, waving in the window, hovering just above the sill, not touching. Feather-and-fan windows, in neutral tones.

    • You’re very right , I knit the prototype in a rather fluffy sport weight with size US 7 needles, and I think that is perfect for a warm winter ‘scarf’ type cowl. However, I am discovering that the pattern is very suitable for finer lace knitting, and this is just a moderate example, the Firefly yarn with US 8 needles. I intend to try some very fine sock yarns and lace weights with larger needles for a very open lace look. Anything goes!
      That said, let me know if you would like to try the lace cowl pattern with a fine lace with at least 6 repeats in the round, and maybe fine-fingering or lace-weight with Us 7- 8 needles, I will be happy to send you the pattern to try.

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