Greetings from Würzburg


Jeff’s wonderful sister with his niece (who is presently living & dancing in Würzburg, Germany), and both are wearing my hats Dicey Highland Bonnet, and Vineyard Rows.

Another outstanding trio of photographs of Maya dance-modeling  in this post , back in 2013 modeling the actual prototype for Pin-striped Tee,

and a year later, the woods with Molly & Rosanna, the Bohemian Raven Goths.

I am so lucky to have all these beautiful women in my life to support me!  Thank you every one of you… you’re out there and know who you are!  :: grateful & happy tears ::

Maya’s Siren Song

On the sand of Savary Island dances Maya.

 Into the waves she moves, a siren on the shore.

 Avant . . . arabesque . . . singing haunting melody in movement, lifting her sash

like a sail into the breeze !


Maya is wearing the Pin-Striped Tee ,

made for her in spring,

and now in the waning summer’s surf, she performs it to perfection !


( Photos taken by  Molly )

 I am so amazed to see her in it at last !  It was so worth the wait, and what a treat ~~~ thank you my niecishes Maya & Molly !