A Frolick On The Knitting Trail

043Ready , set ….

Hats on !
045Before setting out into the woods on my Knitting Trail, Maya, Molly & Rosanna chose three hats each out of my chest of knitted pattern prototypes, plus other bits, then we set out with Emma leading & me in the back with the camera.

Maya is wearing Vineyard Rows Tam.


And Molly models wintery white with powder blues of Chalten Beret ..

and Tartan & Tweed Mitts


Rosanna in the recent infinity scarf I’ve been designing and making lots of lately…


… which will soon be available in pattern form.


S w i t c h i n g

                          t h e m

       o u t . . .

goofingly striving for the essence of ” bohemian  raven goth “


Then we found a fabulously mossy tree log on a very steep slope . . .

and a Dicey Highland Hat




  Rosanna in the Vineyard Rows Tam and Molly in the Vineyard Rows Toque .

(Toque not yet written into a pattern, but soon!)


 Hillariously . . . then  Molly began to slide off  . . .



 Maya in the original Dicey Bonnet, a distracted Emma, Molly in Chalten, & Rosanna in Penny Candy Hat.


 There was a few moments of a brilliant sunbeam ….


Rosanna balanced gracefully against a fallen tree . . .


… and no end to my demands while taking still another photo as we tried to cover trail …

and so a twenty minute trail walk turned to fifty.


 Another Dicey Highland Hat . . .


We really had a great time, and for me this was the absolute highlight of the whole holiday family get-together, though it lasted less than an hour.  I couldn’t be happier with the many great shots but I have to choose just some of them, though I just about died to discover how fuzzy the photos were in the low light of the forest. It seems I still have to learn how to use the camera’s settings for different lighting ~~ a New Year resolution!

148Thank you Molly, Maya & Rosanna, for wonderful knitwear photoshoot on the knitting trail! xx


Maya in Penny Candy Hat

7 thoughts on “A Frolick On The Knitting Trail

    • Hello Lizzi ! Can you guess I’ve acquired a few more willing models for my knitwear? Molly & Maya are Jeff’s sisters daughters, and Rosanna is Jeff’s daughter. All three outstandingly beautiful! xx

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