Mountains Of Alpaca

I am face-to-face with a mountain of natural colors , just off the line,  washed & hung-dried skeins of handspun alpaca, spun up from raw loose alpaca locks I have acquired from three different friends of mine who raise alpacas .  Three !  

This Wind-Off  launches the beginning of knitting for the second April Birthday Project , which is the  Andean chullo / Himalayan sherpa  hat, and for which last week  I began spinning my alpaca stash  .  My brother loves these hats, has a bit of a collection , and for whom I intend to take the design for a twist of a sort, sherpa chullo and  which I want to be a pleasant mix borrowing design from  Andean, Himalayan, and Fair Isle ,  this project calls for alpaca, handspun, in order to give it the touch of stylish authenticity.

I thought alpaca would be the perfect fiber.

During the spinning of the alpaca, a couple things developed.

One,  I really enjoy spinning alpaca, whether raw and weedy or in fine roving.  I have in fact, dyed some and am going to spin up a couple of skeins for the  mother of Nora  , who has delightedly become a knitter !

Alright, item number two.  An amazing thing happened,  similarly to when I posted ” What do I have in common with these women? ”  a short time ago,  marvelling in the acquired skill of double tasking while knitting, well, I have found that I can double task while spinning too ! Even more difficult.  The yarn turned out rather more  “rustic”  than if I were watching with hawk eyes, all the fibers going into the draft, but no, I wanted to read up on my new edition of Textisles and became adept fairly quickly at reading -while – spinning.

*    *    *

Edit :   Here is the almost-finished product, as I’m running out the door, photographed in bad lighting … was in a rush. I didn’t have a chance to edge it and put tassles on . 😦   I’ll have to add them later….

5 thoughts on “Mountains Of Alpaca

  1. Yarn isn’t homespun if it doesn’t have a taste of “rustic” to it :). I’ll have to try reading and spinning. …hey, how about spinning and knitting? hehehe

    • Yeah, reading and spinning… not watching really does let the yarn be what it wants to be… perhaps we could write a book : Unintentional Spinning ???? 🙂 Speaking of spinning, I am not sure I can make it to the next gathering… crap. We must get together with Deb before the spring is up , so I can finish up all my alpaca, and get more ! 🙂

  2. You sure are a multitasking queen. Love how the hat came out…you are amazing knitter, designer, and spinner 😀 Happy creating and I’ll be trailing right behind you, sista!

    • The hat was a little too small, and well, unfinished too, as I didn’t have enough time to crochet the edges on and make the tassles. But, I’m busy, busy, busy making chullos’ for hatting my bro in , till the end of time. 🙂 No, I’m trailing behind you… get that straight sista ! 🙂

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