Spring Sweater Tee’s Finished

Finally finished with another epic sweater duet for my two nieces, which started back in January in this post.

Done and dusted !

I’ve been experimenting putting the rather crisp charm labels in the back near the bottom band.

Time for the Spring Sweater Tees to arrive into the arms of my smiling nieces tomorrow,

 as they’ve been waiting patiently since January.

It has been raining all day, and weather will undoubtedly *not* give us a daffodils-and-blue sky photo session.

It will be cold, it may even snow

(insert disappointment here)

… but that’s okay.

I will take photos of them regardless and then post here very soon. Stay tuned !

(((Oh, and this is my second post of the day, crazy obsessed with this business of knitting and sewing on charm labels !

 Have I gone crazy ?)))

5 thoughts on “Spring Sweater Tee’s Finished

  1. Lovely wee T’s – the girls will love them. I hate to tell you bot it was 18 degrees today in Scotland – we are having the most amazing weather – i can’t believe you are cold and we are hot!!

    • Now we are suddenly hot, hot, hot… there’s no way I’ll be wearing or giving sweaters until next autumn. You’re lucky that you can all year round. Lucky, lucky lucky you.

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  3. Pingback: Sweater Success ! | Yarnings

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