Spinning Up Alpaca

I’ve got two decades of stashed alpaca bursting out of this basket and that.

Alpaca fleece from three different friends in the alpaca farming business, and spanning two different spinning groups I’ve been lucky to be a part of. That’s quite the stash.  With Peruvian Churo and/or Himalayan Sherpa hats on my mind to make, and general Andean artifacts from this book I found last year at this time …

I thought best to spin up all of the alpaca.

There is light brown, ecru, and black raw, as well as a quite a handsome batch of roving in rose grey and dark grey and white. I have definitely got enough to make some nice natural contrasts for stranding, without having to overdye anything. This is going to be how I will be spending my spare time his week !

9 thoughts on “Spinning Up Alpaca

  1. I think alpaca is so lovely – and the colours are great – apparently there are 22 shades – or is it 24 – you would never have to dye anything with that choice – and they all match!!

    • Yes, I think all the natural shades do go wonderfully together. ANd like dying brown eggs, overdying the shades of alpaca is such a lovely affect.

  2. I love Alpaca, how it spins and what they become. Enjoy the whirl of fun. I love every knit I’ve ever seen in person using different natural shades of colors. They are priceless! Great choice, Jen.

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