First, a simple pullover, and I made the smallest size in the size run to test, so what-do-ya-know... it actually fits… (but barely) the very tall Miss Twelve!

Second,  with an extra skein & a half which was left over from the pullover, I designed a very simple but very showy cowl,  modeled here by Miss Fifteen . . .


Both girls donned these bulky puffy warm knitteds in the scorching hot Northern California summer temperature, even already at ten-thirty in the morning in St Helena.  But the photos are spectacular for me to put finishing touches on the two patterns coming up very shortly, just need some combing over. Luckily I don’t have a lot else going on this week so I can get them done & dusted.  Then it will be time to knit my nieces their Autumn Sweaters based on this pattern, so watch this space for forthcoming All Things Pullovers & Cowls.

11 thoughts on “Forthcoming

    • But aren’t they! Thanks Sorcha, and I can’t wait to show off them in their own winter pullovers… it will be so fun come the Autumnal Equinox, the whole Calistoga Four-Corners , and the mural. 🙂

  1. These are gorgeous gals of yours. I like this green. I also like the rocky wall you used as a back drop. I was in SF today and was surprised at the 73° as summer in the city by the bay tends to be overcast and cold. But here in the south bay we are 90°+. I hope it lets up some tomorrow.

    • Thank you, they are my nieces and the reason and inspiration for my becoming finally ‘a little serious’ about knitting 😉 …
      Waking up to 80 degrees at 5am is just typical of the mountains west of the Napa Valley, for the cool marine air which sinks into the valley seems to make the hot air just hover where we are. Yes, lets hope it lets up soon, but these temps are likely to linger through August.

  2. both 12 & 15 girls are so beautiful, I love the knits too! I have 12 and a 14 year old granddaughters that would both love that jumper pattern, they are both tall too!

    • Hello Liz, yes, I tell them all the time. I also tell them that commenters are always so astonished at how beautiful they are, but assured, they remain modest!

  3. Oh Jen, your beauties again!
    … and yes, a basic pullover which opens up for color ideas,
    or a little contrasting stripe here or there?
    Germany’s North had 55.4 °F this morning, with neverending rain 😦
    during the day the rain stopped and top temperature was 64.4 °F!
    Perfect sweater knitting weather (lol)…. but I would really prefer warmer summer weather (and knitting nevertheless pullover)!
    Hoping for a sunny summer weekend, xoxo Petra

    • Hi Petra, I usually hate to ever say I’m jealous, but I am, of your lovely weather! Here hot and dry and wildfires. Well , I’ll not think of it, I’ll just hunker down (as I am doing) and finish up that pullover. I’ve already submitted the cowl (would you like to do that too???) 🙂 and next is the pullover. I’m hoping to post a double pattern submission here on Yarnings tomorrow or the next day. xx

      • Know what: we mix up our weathers = perfect summer!
        Green, light fresh wind, nice warming sun…..
        I want to finish two too long lasting projects, but decided instead of going to work tomorrow, I will check out for some thicker yarn, matching to your forthcoming 😉
        See you on ravelry
        xoxo good night

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