Landscape With Pullover

jenjoycedesign©dryingHi folks. Now nearly two o’clock in the sun-drenched afternoon, and from where I am overlooks a very uneventful and washed-out, but beautiful blue sky, and heat-soaked deck plants, but most importantly a preview of ….(oh the ecstasy of finishing)… a pullover !!!  This very basic pullover represents about three week’s worth of near constant  pattern writing & testing with actual yarn, and now she dries in the sun after being washed . . .
jenjoycedesign©landscape-with-sweaterA landscape with knitting indeed, so excuse me now, but I must head on up with Emma for that ridge you see upwardly rising in the photo, we’ve been spending far too much time hung up with finish work today of reknitting necklines, and weaving in ends and grafting underarm stitches.  Gotta get ourselves hoofin’ .

(( Forthcoming~~ a dazzling finish photo and new pattern! ))

10 thoughts on “Landscape With Pullover

  1. So beautiful to see, that you are crafting in such a “soul – wellness” surrounding!
    Thanks for sharing – especially the pullover, we’re nosy at :)))

    • Petra~ mein freundin! I am writing the polishes on the pattern this morning early as I watch the fog lift from the valley, and soon will be submitting what I will name “Calidez” an infinitely versatile basic pattern to make into anything from a simple tee to a cable panelled cardigan! I hope, hope, hope you are keen to test-knit sometime this forthcoming cool weather 🙂

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