quiet bliss

jenjoycedesign© kitchen bliss

Sun streaming in, warming and brightening a corner where pizza dough rises every Friday  late afternoon, as always.  Trying to keeping the counters clean,  if in the very least to boost morale in these pandemic days,  and feeling a little more relaxed today while sheltering in and waiting for the next rain storm. Laundry flapping in the wind, inanimate and yet seeming alive…

Yesterday, apple butter . . .

jenjoycedesign© making apple jam 3

♥    ♥    ♥

My Apple Butter: 1 bag of dried apples, with just enough water to cover dried apples, and adding sugar & spices to taste. I use piloncillo I get at one of the local Mexican markets, or raw turbinado sugar, a little cinnamon & allspice, and cooked over a few hours adding water as it absorbs a lot, until the dried apples break down into little tasty clumps.

Make small batch and preserve in sterilized half-cup jars.

7 thoughts on “quiet bliss

    • There are two new stools in the kitchen! One of them Jeff made for me for Christmas, a real novelty Amish style ‘no-tip’ stool. I guess you haven’t been up since then, you must come over soon xx

    • Good morning Wendy 😘
      I did had the same idea!!!! At the same time!!!! Guess we are truly knitting buddies 👍
      Stay safe and sane, take care

    • Wendy, wouldn’t that be wonderful. I’ve got a few things cooking at all times these days, a pot of soup, small-batch jams, three-chocolate brownies, and the usual shortbread for Jeff.

  1. Oh such a quiet, inviting atmosphere! The smell of fresh baked bread, to go with your apple jam, comes immediately in my imagination…… Although I do love home made pizza!
    And if there are two stools now (I can’t spot them….), let Sorcha and me take place in your kitchen, having a tea, watching the dough rising and chat a little bit ( in adviced distance)

    • Petra, I’ve added my apple butter recipe to the post now. I have not been baking bread so much, but I did stock up on flour and yeast, so I will plan on it! I guess I need to take more photos now of the kitchen, stools & bread board table. Although there are still piles of lumber and tools in the living room, the kitchen is complete. No complaints!

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