moody monday


Emma and I are moody.

When feeling under the weather (on the eve of a birthday)…make candy!

Emma wants some …


( See her nose? )

 Honestly, I have not gone on a candy-making jag in years.  I used no recipe, just tossed ingredients ( about a cup of org. sugar, a bit more than half cube of salted butter, a glob of corn syrup, and a dash of cream) in a small saucepan over a low flame while cold-water testing until it was right. Poored in a buttered pyrex dish over a bed of chopped toasted almonds, then sprinkled more on top.  I ate a ton of it, it shook off the blues, and then I felt better.


Oh, and knit something really amazing !!!  Anyway, the rest of it is just cozy, dark drizzling dank gorgeous wintery day, while drinking coffee, munching butter toffee and knitting. I will be home in my hermitage for the week just working on forthcoming design. 🙂






How About A Cafe Frigetto !


I’ve been going a bit wild with the pin-stripes lately, as you know,  and to fuel me through the tedium of miles upon miles of 1×1 rib, 2-stitch cord bind-off finishing, I’ve been keeping company these afternoons with my new drink I call ‘cafe frigetto’.  Its espresso, ice, more ice, and real cream (yes, heavy whipping cream, not half & half), and it’s ~~~~ frigid cold ~~~ and delish !!!!  It has helped stave off my afternoon hunger , and has zero carbs.

Here’s how : In a pint glass filled to the top with ice, pour 2 or 3 shots of fresh brew’d espresso over, stir vigorously until ice stops melting and then more ice to the top. Lastly, a generous amount of heavy cream poured over it all…sinking & swirling down…never quite making it. Nectar !!!

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