A Mountain of Tartan & Tweed

jenjoycedesign©motherlode of Tartan & Tweed!Folks, I’m coming up for air, lost somewhere in this mountainous pile…this mother-lode of hats & mitts…this Tartan & Tweed design.  I have just (ahem…) updated (maybe the fourth time?) Tartan & Tweed Mitts again, this time to include the full mitten option.  Okay, so I’m done & dusted with mitt & mittens, Tartan & Tweed for the hands is now behind me.

Now it’s Tartan & Tweed for the head.  

I’ve been working like an ox designing, knitting prototypes, and now writing patterns and making charts, for the classic tam & accompanying toque (beanie).  Had a lovely photo shoot with my nieces modeling last weekend at the castle, our new favorite place. Here are some previews…




The tam is moderately swagging, like a proper tam, and toque is straight-up.

Forthcoming very soon, Tartan & Tweed Tam & Toque pattern debut !

29 thoughts on “A Mountain of Tartan & Tweed

    • Hi Diana. As listed on the pattern page of this site and also on Ravelry pattern page , skills needed are: Knitting in-the-round. Working 2-stitch i-cord cast-on. Colorwork using 2 colors in a round. Keeping in colorwork pattern through shaping of gusset. Increasing M1L & M1R. Decreasing ssk & k2tog. I hope you decide to make a set! 🙂 x

      • That is for the mitts, as for the tam, a few addition skills such as i-cord cast on, or bind-off. Both are easy enough for beginning Fair Isle project however intermediate skill is needed to keep in pattern throughout shaping.

  1. Jenn! These are gorgeous!!!!!! I have to make a set or two or….
    I just love them, as always, your colors are fabulous. I’m almost Squeeling with happiness.

    • Oh Carol, that would be so lovely! You have had the pattern since it’s first submission two years ago (my 2 year anniversary of pattern -writing just passed) and so that means you have just gotten the most recent update, sent out this morning, and probably have had 6 in total? I hope it’s not a huge bother. I will most definitely squeel with happiness when I see a project emerge that has your name & colors on it ! 🙂 xx

  2. Jen, this first photo makes me smile over my whole face : “…….lost somewhere in this mountainous pile…..”
    like I wrote you on ravelry, your “newborn” tams and toques are so nice, have become so beautiful, the colors you choose and your perfect modeling nieces!
    Congratulation 🙂

    • Petra, you are key in the process ! Your knitting of my designs has become something of a colossal aid in my making progress. As I mentioned in reply previous to this one, I just celebrated my 2-yr pattern-writing anniversary a few days ago! Thank you for everything xx

      • Oh, the same colors as my mitts, which are black and white. The problem is, I started them in January, but then I put them down, blinked, and now it’s already springtime already, although very cold and windy.

        • Well, you have a good excuse for not finishing your mitts, I know that work has been really demanding on you in recent months. Relaaax… see quote in sidebar: “Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.”
          ― Elizabeth Zimmermann

    • Hi Morrieeee! I’m sooo glad you like it ! It took a while to ‘come around’ , having attempted to design it nearly 2 years ago, but it settled itself in. 🙂 xx

      • Oh… and so sorry about that last update this morning. My saying ‘ this is the last update’ is like crying wolf …. but it has got to be made right.

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