Red lines painted for excavation & string elevations in place of where the rebuilt house will be.

Yesterday took a turn for the worse for us. The previous Friday we were told we’d have our permit, and too soon did we think we could just start building. Our building permit got held up because of yet another detail some engineer at the county building department was chewing on ; we now have to change the plans to do more fiddling, as we have done several times already, until its become utterly impossible & ridiculous. This means more time to wait, and worst of all , more money to build, and it also means more debilitating frustration in our lives, but we are coping and won’t give up. Our county building administration is notoriously harsh and very difficult to get a building permit through on the best day, and don’t for a second think they are in any way being lenient to the many who have lost our homes to the wildfire, now 11 months later. Our contractors are ready to start, we have the batter boards & string line up for the foundation elevation, and had the foundation sub-contractor up here spraying lines in the dirt and scheduling a start as soon as permit is issued.  Since its costing us more, we’ll end up having to do more of the building ourselves, and live in this teeny tiny space longer.  Not really glad about things right now. I’ll let you know when things really start, as many of you have no doubt been wondering.  I’ve just put this out there so family & friends will have an update ~~ apologies if  I seem like a complainer, I’m just angry and at a breaking point.

22 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Poor you. Bureaucracy at its worst.
    All backlash will absolutely make you more determined, I doubt the council realizes that.

    • Oh Yvonne, it is so hard. They are doing cat and mouse, after saying a ‘five day flip’ (after plan submittal) just to sound so kind after the fire is a total farce. The wildfire which will have hundreds of others who are less experienced and determined giving up entirely. We will have no neighbors for a long time as they won’t be able to rebuild in this rural place where the county wants to suburbanize! This mountain is going through a strange change. Thankfully the regrowth is everywhere, the trees the fastest after the grasses , and yet the people are going to be so changed. I am leaning on those of you here in my virtual ‘fort’. Thank you so much for your words. xx!

  2. How utterly awful for you, more red tape for you to have to go through and more expense. I hope things get sorted out ASAP. Many hugs for you.

    • Thank you Wen, its just not easy for me to stay focused and determined all the time. I so appreciate your supportive letters & knitting camaraderie! xx

  3. O my God, Im so sorry for you, and I thought this only happen here in my Island. You have all the right to be upset and its ok if you want to vent. Is very disappointing sweetie. Please don’t give up. Praying for everything get sorted soon.

    • Iris, it is such an honor for me to receive encouragement from you! It was wonderful to have by chance met you, a crafting obsessed survivor who made it to Napa for a vacation out of the devastation of Hurricane Maria , already nearly a year ago now. You and your island neighbors have endured so much worse than we have! But yes, our wealth promoting county of vintners & restaurateurs does not make it easy for we regular old residents to do here but give up and move out. We won’t! Lets stay connected in craft — I think I’m ready to try some quilting soon, that would be a great distraction (but all that is in storage out in our hot-as-heck shed). I hope you and I continue to be pen friends forever ~ xx

  4. Thank you Ben, I know life is difficult the world round, but that still, sometimes its right to gather friends for a good speaking out and a cry, then it helps. How about your challenges? xx

  5. oh my dear, thank you so much for sharing your actual situation! I can’t find words to solace (even certainly not in English)
    sending you all my best thoughts and wishes, for a miracle, which brings a soon and redeeming end to the long tome of waiting!
    love, Petra

    • Danke Petra, with everything still in limbo, I feel hushed by the silence of inaction. But I know in my heart that soon this will fast be history, and in a blink the house will be built. Life is just full of waiting sometimes. xx

    • Liz, reading your consoling comment helps put things in perspective about the impermanence of things, even frustration. Fair or unfair, it will be over soon and I’ll have nothing to complain about because it will have rolled off of my back, and so, I’ve just got to start thinking forward ~ xx

  6. You are so not a complainer.
    Your frustration is totally understandable.
    And, one of my husband’s used to say “Better an empty house than a bad tenant”. Meaning, share it, divest yourself of it and keep on keeping on…
    Breathing helps..
    When breathing fails, rocking oneself, I have discovered, is quite good. Lol!

  7. So sorry about your difficulties with the county. I think there should be some sort of public outcry. They have been notoriously difficult for many years. In 2001 we added 25 square feet to a laundry room, under the existing eaves of the house and you would think we were building the Taj Mahal. Finally after many months, my husband, who is large and imposing, went down to the county, spoke with a supervisor and got our permit.

    Hang in there!

  8. You have every right to be frustrated and upset. You’d think the county would give you a break. Heartbreaking!! Wishing the best will happen and permits will come thru very soon. 🙏🏼❤️👍

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