Tweed Chronicles: nine skeins

Nine tweed experiments.

Okay, I have now edited in the finished spun skeins into their respective posts, starting the last one Tweed Chronicles.  Not all of these experiments yielded great results, but I had a colossal learning curve, and I am pleased to see that my most recent is indeed my best…

jenjoycedesign© tweed

With these two as close seconds…

jenjoycedesign© tweed2

But my spinning wheel and blending board are put away as I must get to work and finish up my nieces sweaters, while pondering my next Autumnal obsession immediately thereafter!

17 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: nine skeins

  1. Fantastic effort Jennifer. I have really enjoyed being befuddled and amazed as this process of yours has been unfolding.
    The Knitting Man Recommends….

  2. Beautiful, Jen!
    I am deeply impressed about your skills!
    Tweed #4 (must be seashells ?) is the colorway I like really much! Although they are all just gorgeous!

    • Danke Petra! Right, the seashells was such a gorgeous rolag, but spun up so white ~~ thus my learning curve~~ I learned that those little bits of color are easily lost in the main fiber. I have to do some other things, but will revisit the tweed experiments as soon as I can xx

  3. Jen I love your blending experiments. The hanks of yarn look like ice cream swirls. My favourite colours are shades of turquoise, and purple.

    • Thank you Stefanie~ we are alright here, so far, and still had not had to evacuate! The fires are still raging north, east, south, and west from us, in our county, right over the ridge, and next counties in all directions, so we don’t know yet how things will turn out for us here on MtVeeder until its OVER, which it’s not. High winds will be picking up again tonight and worsening the situation again. Phones and power are still out but we have a generator, so minimal usage is available, and just now I discovered internet tower is back on. Smoke is nauseatingly thick outside, but MUCH better up here at 2000 ft elevation than down in the valley, and our house is pretty airtight when we close up and clamp down the windows. More later, but am answering all my messages from the last 2 days…xxJen

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