Mystery fair isle…

jenjoycedesign-mystery-fair-isle-detailI see no reason not to post a sneak preview at what I’ve been working very laboriously on, since its first mention back in this post.  Something which I have had to do a colossal amount of drawing,  of math, of experimentation, ripping out & knitting over.   Oh, right, that is called designing….


I am so absorbed in this project that entire days are droning by, so still & quiet, with nothing but the ticking of the clock and Emma’s occasional rustling about, and then of course, very brief strolls in the cold winter outdoors.  Papers are strewn everywhere!  And I have been sitting in my knitting chair far too much in the last two weeks. Far too much. 


None the less, I am very pleased with myself and am certain that any day now it will be all finished and I can celebrate by revealing what this is, my greatest knitting and design accomplishment  ever.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the mystery!

18 thoughts on “Mystery fair isle…

  1. LOVE the soft colors, then contrasted with that darker border pattern. SO pretty. I can picture the vest matched with a classic camel hair jacket with leather buttons.

  2. Gorgeous!
    As well as the imagine of quiet days with deep concentrated work, which gives you such a satisfaction of creating something beautiful new!
    Looking forward to see your finished masterpiece ❤

    • Oh, soooo quiet are the days, sometimes I wonder if I really do exist at al! I think I figure if I knit, and you all comment on what I knit~~~ that I do indeed exist! 🙂

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