Fair Isle Unfurled

jenjoycedesign-bound-upWhat has been bound together while knitted for the last three weeks,

has suddenly been unfurled!

A little slide-show of cutting the steeks…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now open, flat, and ready to knit the bands on and make into a three-demensional thing!

jenjoycedesign© steeks cut.JPG

If you are curious about the photos, this is what I am doing:  1. Shaggy  yarn ends on the wrong-side of knitting are cut off (they are the color changes centered in the middle of the steek in front).      2. With the small brushes (one is plastic sewing machine lint brush, the other a brass eyelash comb) I am experimenting with felting the steek (only the stitches down the middle of the steek) with hot water and agitation before cutting. I have never heard of this but wanted to try it out, rather than my usual crochet reinforcement.      3. I cut front steek, then armholes, and the whole thing opens up flat.

Then, a quick three-needle bind off to join shoulders, and now I am ready to pick up the stitches for the bands, nicely folding in all those (slightly felted) raw edges, which will get an additional trim and whip stitched down into back of work.


Watch this space for a finish very soon!

17 thoughts on “Fair Isle Unfurled

    • Simone, thank you so much! You have the ‘ matching tam’ pattern to this collection I do believe 🙂 ((( hint hint, nobody knows yet just what this collection is to be! ))) xx

    • Kelly, it was a piece of cake! I mean, one can’t go wrong with this sticky fusing Shetland yarn! I thought of you when I was wondering ‘ should I or shouldn’t I post the steeking’ , for you once told me you thought it was a good thing to show about the construction and the progress of things. At least we know that I’m not hiring my knitting out…. 🙂 xx

  1. What wondrous work! The felting should make it beautifully secure…for all time, I should think. I love the design, but I love-love-love your color choices. Was this partly fueled with homemade birthday candy? ‘Cuz it’s delicious, ya ken. :» )

    • Awww Terry, how sweet of you, to love, love, love the colorway. It is just natural undyed colors of Shetland (Natural White, Shaela, Mooskit & Mogit. I so mean to get into a better correspondence with you, but have been entirely immersed (to the point of drowning!) in this project since the new year! The candy did help me get going initially, but nothing but dogged persistence gets things done around here. I’ve taken to knitting while listening to NPR News. xx!

      • Thanks for the yarn details. Fash ye not about correspondence. Maybe you can knit and walk, but even you can’t type and knit. Now talk and knit…that’s a different (hint) matter. Just say the word (wink), if you take a notion. :» )

  2. Oh wow ! Gorgeous and brave work, like the others mentioned before.
    …Where did you get this steek felting idea! So funny , but interesting!
    Looks like your real master work!

    • Petra, I know, isn’t it an odd experiment~~ to try to felt a steek? I guess I was feeling too rushed to bother with the usual crochet reinforcement, so it is worth a try. Many knitters don’t even reinforce this Shetland 2ply, so I’m sure it will be good. I am so driven to finish now, am hoping by the weekend to have at least the vest photographed and the pattern almost ready to go ! Wish me luck! Thank you for all of your encouragement and interest~~ 🙂 xx

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