moody monday


Emma and I are moody.

When feeling under the weather (on the eve of a birthday)…make candy!

Emma wants some …


( See her nose? )

 Honestly, I have not gone on a candy-making jag in years.  I used no recipe, just tossed ingredients ( about a cup of org. sugar, a bit more than half cube of salted butter, a glob of corn syrup, and a dash of cream) in a small saucepan over a low flame while cold-water testing until it was right. Poored in a buttered pyrex dish over a bed of chopped toasted almonds, then sprinkled more on top.  I ate a ton of it, it shook off the blues, and then I felt better.


Oh, and knit something really amazing !!!  Anyway, the rest of it is just cozy, dark drizzling dank gorgeous wintery day, while drinking coffee, munching butter toffee and knitting. I will be home in my hermitage for the week just working on forthcoming design. 🙂






18 thoughts on “moody monday

    • I’ll save you some ( ha ha ha ) . Hey, did you notice Jeff ‘s new wine-barrel-hoop light fixture over his table , with edison bulbs? It really suits the place perfectly!

  1. Hey there sweet almost-there-yet birthday girl! Wish I were there to sing you the birthday song. I will sing it from here, anyway, how would that be? Emma will hear me, I’ll bet, so watch her, take your cue and sing along with a birthday song in your heart…for the 10th and all year long. Happy Birthday, Jen, and many happy returns of the day. By the by, I love the view from your lovely wood-coated cottage. So cozy, your shack in the mountain woods. A hug for Emma and you. Stay dry and safe. Happy Birthday!

    • Terry, thank you thank you thank you! We will go out for a walk under umbrella in the rain, and as for me, I couldn’t be happier today, on my actual birthday!
      (just a little sick in the tummy from all the sugar yesterday…lol)

    • Aww Lizzi, it is I who must say Happy Birthday to you! I know each day is a struggle, and I think of you every day, and sending you warm hugs over the Atlantic.
      Oh! The light is soooo cool, Jeff found it online, made of barrel hoops (either whiskey or wine) and then Jeff made a matching steel mount to go around the main beam so we didn’t have to cut a hole through it. He’s a genius! Anyway, I love Edison bulbs, I like to turn the light on just to have this Object d’Arte illuminated. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! Yes, still have left-overs the next day (today).
    We are both moody together because the torrential downpour has hampered our walks.
    But today we managed to get out & get soaked, so we’re much better, thanks for asking! 🙂

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