Tweed Chronicles: Early Morning Blend

Yesterday I was blending on my blending board in the early morning light, listening to the inauguration on NPR. I had just finished the gloves design and figured I’d dedicate the meditative hours of dawn to prepare for a new spinning project. I am using up some of the mystery roving I received as gifts from spinners a few years ago, and not sure what, just odds & ends, but I figure blending together they would make a lovely 300grams of something beautifully natural looking with a teensy bit of color. I did five 60g batches layered on the blending board, of carefully divided and weighed segments, and got quite a massive pile of rolags! I am very pleased with the results, here now, the next day spinning it.

A select few rolags from the 300g pile.

I have used no particular recipe or technique as I have been documenting in Tweed Chronicles, rather, I just picked out three bags of mystery roving and layered on my blending board. I am attempting to only spin for a project in mind these days, so I scaled the total weight for possibly a vest I would like to have, so in the near future I will post again with finished yarn , and shortly thereafter begin knitting!

17 thoughts on “Tweed Chronicles: Early Morning Blend

  1. I love reading about your blending board experiments. And the results of this one are superb. All the things we love remind us food and these are no exception.
    I see beautiful Arab Pastries in your future! Knafeh!
    300grams for a vest sounds a good start to a recipe.
    Much love

    • Oh wow, stacks of Arabian pastries, that’s a thought! Doesn’t take me much to start salivating. lol.
      I am changing direction with this project, unsure I’m spinning the right gauge, can’t seem to spin anything but a ” default thin single ” and that means I have either thick & thin sport/dk 2plies, or if I do 3 plies I might not get enough yardage. Ho hum. Maybe I should start a rolag stash, you think? Nothing wrong with holding 2 rolags together on down the road for a lovely point of interest.
      What are you crafting these days Hermana de Fuego? xx

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