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August is such a stale time of the year. No cool breezes, no moisture, perpetual aqua blue skies, and a lot of anxiety about wildfire. The grasses stand crisp and golden, and so picturesque, but really it is just in suspended limbo until the rain comes, there in the bleaching hot sun day after day while even the moss in the forest turns brownish and, like the grasses, is frozen in lifelessness for months.

Mid August is even more stale than when the month arrived, and by the end of the month I am usually quite fried,  dreaming of verdant countrysides in far off lands.  I must snap out of these lazy wishful days of summer. I have been far too lazy and not working on my well-intention’d project of knitting trail.  A knitting trail?  What trail?  Right. My point exactly. I did take a shovel to a stretch of woodland over the last year, and even though it’s only been a little more than some sticks along the way and a narrow bumpy path, Emma and I have been walking it on occasion ~~ thus far we have named it ‘the knit track’ , and which is about a sixth of a mile circuit, not including the distance to and from the track, which makes it about a half mile, and if one goes around the ‘track’ many times, it adds up.   It is intended to be a mindless walk so I can  knit-while-meandering  and Emma can smell the wildlife in the quiet pause of the afternoons.

Although the knitting trail already has one or two benches, I’d like them to become delicious secret woodland  spots, where one might carry out a pot of tea and accomplish quite a bit of knitting.  That my friends, is what my vague design is.  So how to sharpen those vague lines, and get this thing going?   I have been taking pencil to paper and scribbling out ideas, and I really do want to make this thing happen, here & now, in the face of the suffocating Mid-August!

There are quite a lot of trees to limb up and brush to clear (trees keep falling too, this drought is wretched!)  and general hard sweaty work to do within in the few acres which is the trail site, but nothing a woman (and her dog) can’t accomplish. This is something I’ve wanted to do since we built our house here and moved in 2005.  So Emma will supervise, and I will work, and we will get this woodland Knitting Trail done & dusted.

But first I’d like to call upon you brilliant readers of this blog, and please don’t be shy, give me some ideas about what you think would make a Knitting Trail special. The sky is the limit… and plenty of space in the comment boxes too.

26 thoughts on “mid-august

  1. What an interesting reader feedback question, what to have on a knitting trail. Hmm, let me think. How about a table and chairs out there in the wood, so that you can have guest knitters (myself included), and really do it up nice.

    • Thanks! I fully intend this table feature, at least one. I am thinking lots of ‘found’ chairs or old garden furniture, and put the table within reasonable walking distance of the house (trail begins from my door) . As for guests, come on up!!!

  2. A knitting walking trail – absolutely love the idea! Maybe a knitted hammock to relax in, strung between two trees? I suspect it would take a lot of knitting, but could be very comfortable!

    • Wow Kelly, where’d you come up with that? I doubt I will go that far, but certainly a few knitted objects in the trees might do. 🙂

  3. Oh Jen, you are really tough! ( Says a friend, which had enough rain for us both, this summer – and one, who is not used to work / live with constant high temperature !) When I am thinking about your trail, I would considering: less is more! Beautiful nature speaks for itself. I do remember the gorgeous Photos you showed us ! Since I am in vacation on the danish sea, I love the wide horizon, the different noises or smell. Maybe there can be something on your Trail, which can get something like a picture frame, to catch visitior view ? Apart from that, the ideas about nice rest places, with woolen or felted cushions, would let me dream about, going for a knit walk with you 😘

      • Petra, I watched the video ~~~ outstanding! It is difficult to imagine the ‘web’ of dead and fallen fir trees (and a few oaks) all about the woods, its art in itself, but I am getting to imagine now (after watching the video you provided) about ‘helping’ this natural visual chaos into some choice spots where the strewn dead trunks become furniture by clever and tedious stacking, and nailing together. The inviting brand of humanizing it would of course, be to put a knitted cushion , but only if one is handy. 🙂 The video really helped me see the nature of the forest litter as potential art, and I am so grateful for your insight. As usual, you have great perspective! Knit on there at the Danish Sea holiday!

  4. My mind aways goes blank when folk ask for creative ideas. i just see a little wooded area with natural benches using fallen tree trunks. The views would be very calming and a wee stream running nearby would add to this effect. (it would also come in handy for filling the kettle for tea)! The tea things would be in a wooden cupboard on a tree trunk. I am getting very ‘Beatrix Potter’ now – I think i’d better stop………..

    • Lizzi, that is pure dead brilliant!!! A tea cupboard on the trees~~ no reason one can’t have features of a room out in the woods. I own several backpack gas stoves, could have one in the cupboard for making tea, or coffee. Oh, I must think about this, thank you for a very clever vision.

      Also love your idea of making use of all of the maze of fallen trees, as furniture itself. I will ponder! xx

  5. Some where along the way – a sheltered bothy with the ability to have a small fire or woodburner, so knitting can been done in spring and autumn when it is really a bit too cool to be out and even in winter when it is snowing. Imagine sitting with a fire toasting your toes and knitting while watching the snow fall – magical!

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