Went out after sundown to gather up the laundry and found the fabric and colors amazingly fresh whipping around in the wind.

Something about the sky-blue colors of cotton and linen, against the green leafy woods.

I feel inspired to sew a summer dress.

8 thoughts on “Windy

    • I haven’t sewn for myself in many years. Many. My problem is good fabric and it’s scarcity around here. However… Morrie, I have some vintage textured fabric (wee sear-sucker) , white with red leaves ! Mabye if I over-dye. 🙂

      • Oh, that could be fun, overdying. But why? What is the color? White with little red leaves sounds lovely. Maybe a tea dye to make it look a bit more vintage?

        • That sounds perfect… tea! I happen to think it should be IRISH BREAKFAST tea 🙂 See you wee hen, I d’nae ever wear bright colors, so white and red would be in need of a staining of tea, for sure . Thanks 🙂

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