I am dizzy… dizzied… committed to a state of dizziness.

I am whirling with yarn vertigo, bewildered, confused about the real world, heedless of responsibility, an obsessive and foolish knitter.  Why I want to knit & write a pattern for this pin-stripey tee  escapes me. What… why… would anybody want to wander into this maze of madness ? ( A pattern???  Well, we’ll see if I live to write one ! ) Those friends who may wonder through what crack I have fallen, in what woods I may be lost and disoriented, I have not forgotten you. I am hopelessly tangled up in endless labyrinth of tiny stripes since early last December.  I hope to find my way out, and be back in the world by this time next week ~~~ a goal !  From inside of my knitterly fishbowl, I wave.

14 thoughts on “Dizzy

    • Oh you’re so right ! Not only that, but I’ve been knitting pin-stripes (single row stripes) and versions of pin-stripes, since beginning of December I’m afraid. I think when I’m done with these two sweaters… I’ll be done. For at least a few months. lol .

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