How About A Little Polca ?

So it’s come to this, I’ve decided to begin to share some of my tunes here on my blog, for the world to hear, and here is the most recent.

This minor & major tune was born  of a lovely June day. It skips along so nicely, images come to mind perhaps, of new spring colts just born, jumping around in fields of poppies ! Or just poppies. (The picture seems to be of an old postcard or travel poster of California,  all that could be found, sans baby colt) .  It has a few glitches, as usual, it’s just recorded off the starting gate, and is still wobbly in the knees. One thing is for sure, we will look forward to developing this energetic melody in the summer ahead at the farmers markets !

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13 thoughts on “How About A Little Polca ?

    • Oh thank you Kelly ! That’s just what I’m attempting to do. Notice I dated this one around the day we composed it, so it’s tucked out of the traffic, since I’m so shy, I’m going to wade in. 🙂 There’ll be more, interspersed as this one is… coming up. 🙂 xx

    • Hey, Thank you Kieran !!! I’m so glad (and relieved) that you like it ! I will post more…and hide them amongst the past posts. 🙂 A sort of little game. 🙂 xx

  1. Wonderful! Such happy sunshiny music. It makes mw want to skip and play outdoors.
    Share some more with us because it is such happy music and we love to hear it.

    • Aww Carol , glad you are made happy by it…and I sure will share more then, thanks to you and your effervescent encouragement ! 🙂 xxxx

  2. Gorgeous! To be listened to on our cold mornings here in Australia to get us out of bed with a skip and a hop! Thanks!

    • There in Australia you no doubt see June as a month where the trees become bare and I can imagine that this tune would be happy Autumn tune just as well. However, now two months into winter, spring is just ahead ! THanks for posting.:)

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