Summer Sky


What a day it is today !

Actually, quite warm out, and the sun high in the sky, 1 o’clock p.m… perfect time to finish the first sock of two , and have it drying out on the line . . .


The blue summer sky with whispy clouds (clouds not in this photo) .  Summer Sky socks for my sister-in-law (the one in Vancouver, who didn’t mention it , but I sensed a little bit of sock envy as I knit her father a pair the whole time I was there a couple of weeks ago ).  I hope to have these on her feet by the Summer Soltice coming up.


Not just any sock, but once again, in my unrelenting quest for improvisation I went and striped everything, the heel flap , the everything ! And, did not follow a pattern folks . . .

I think I finally get sock knitting !


Okay, I’ve cast on and have started the second sock, so I better get busy !

15 thoughts on “Summer Sky

    • Actually Carol, they are 2-row stripes ! 🙂 Pin-stripes didn’t work out in the heelflap, so I had to double up. I think I’ll knit a few more like this, though I am growing weary of knitting stripes in general, they are so fun to look at. xx

  1. Oh I love it! So sweet, so precious, so much fun! You know, I’ve never finished a pair of socks! I’ve only halfway finished one. I love these though. lol. 🙂 xx

    • Martha… only a year ago I knit my first pair, I thought they were daunting task… something I could never do… that all other knitters do. They are so easy it’s not even funny ! 🙂 Thanks xx

    • Exactly ! Summer socks !!! 🙂 My sister in law exclaimed to me that 1. she loves wool socks , and 2. that June is horribly cloudy and cold in June in Vancouver.

    • Morrie, have you seen all striped socks like these ? I looked on rav. and most have solid heels and toes… it was quite a trick to get the round-end in the middle of the heel flap, and well… it seemed odd to me. You’re the pro, what do you think of the round end mid heel flap?

    • Lizzi, I’m presently , for the exercise of it, writing the ‘pattern’ for them. I will post another knitting party page for anybody who wants to knit them before I make it into a pattern. But this morning I’ve found a big error in my writing… so I’m a little frustrated for the moment. And I thank you for your constant praise. xxxx

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