13 thoughts on “good tidings

    • And to see it happen at the onset of winter, when normally all the big leaf maples have dropped their leaves, that is the most exciting thing! Go nature!!! Best Christmas gift imaginable.

    • Kelly, what a rough end to the year it’s been for us, hasn’t it been? To me, this Christmas is just a bittersweet kiss goodbye to the year, and then a week of limbo, then hopefully, 2018 will bring us some really good times. Lovely Christmas Wishes ~~ xx

  1. What an incredible affirmation of life after such terrible destruction! How joyful and hopeful for you, after you have experienced losing your home.

    I will keep praying for you, my dear. I want you to keep right on feeling hopeful, creative, and joyful again. It does my heart good to see you on the path to healing. It inspires hope for me in my own difficulties. Many hugs!

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