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jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 pampas heather !.JPG

As of this morning, this skein is bound for Australia!

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 pampas heather 2
As in previous several posts, Wool of The Andes Sport was the original yarn, and in a richly heathered green called ” Pampas “.   Knit Picks describes their color . . .

Pampas is an olive green color that has a slight vintage tone. The variable shades of yellows, greens and touches of brown are similar to the prairie grasses and herbs found in the lowlands of South America called the Pampas.

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 pampas heather

I think of all the Knit Picks blended heathers , this is among my top favorites for color complexity.   I see moss green and beige predominantly with  flecks of emerald green, amber gold, and aqua blue!

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 pampas heather 3

It is a stunning color , a near neutral, but more distinctively beautiful in single plies than the four plies all together for the colors are then quite a bit less blended.   I have made this skein for a knitting friend who has knitted gorgeous samples of some of my designs (as well as comments on this blog  :: waves to Redshoes ::  )   550 yards of Unspun  heading south against the clock at a rapid pace.

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 pampas heather 4

I have one more Unspun gift to make to finish my series :  Unspun For Friends 

14 thoughts on “Posted to Australia

    • It is my favorite for a neutral , yes, not too colorful and so natural that it matches the grey green tree leaves of the forest here. I am sure now, by making this for Karin, that I want to make myself some in this very color, for moi ! xx

  1. Isn’t it gorgeous, how every woman picked a different shade, maybe reflecting herself, in associating the color with something beloved?
    Jen you are the yarn queen of our days, and I am already nosy, which color comes next!

    • Petra, what started as a gift idea for you & Wendy, ended in being a thing I spread around a little more generously, and now I’m convinced I must do something more with UnSpun, even if only make a kit with yarn and pattern to send off once a month in a drawing. I am going to experiment now with one more, crazy insane absolutely ridiculous attempt to unply a wool lace yarn , trying for 880 per 50g (that would be UnSpun 1760) but it might be a disaster…. we’ll see!

    • A little more mossy than the Spanish Moss… that color is rather elusive too, I remember when it would be like a dripping tunnel at the bottom of the steep section on our road ~~ where has it all gone?

  2. Oh wow!
    I feel so special. Thank you so much.
    It is a beautiful shade. I love its soft subtle complexity! It is beautiful and I can’t wait to knit something whisper fine with it.
    I have so loved losing and finding myself in your designs.
    And, now, through words and shared experience, your friendship.
    Thank you so much.
    This is beyond special!
    Thank you
    Much love
    Karin (AKA The Knitting Man Recommends…)

    • Karin, only the start of a great knitterly kinship indeed! You are very generous to put so much of yourself into the designs, and this is only a small gesture of thanks, and I hope to make more for you in the future! And even though its only knitting, the stitches seem to have a magical affect for losing and finding ~ xx,

      • Oh I agree! On all counts. And “it’s only knitting”, like “it’s only music” and it’s only love”… The simplest things are the very best sponges for metaphor and meaning…
        It is my absolute pleasure to create story around stitches and patterns and friendship.
        Thank you.

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