Posted to Arkansas

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 green tea heather 9

Last in the Unspun For Friends series, knowing that really this can’t possibly be the end of it, for I’ve had too much fun.

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 green tea heather 13

I am thinking I should do some kind of drawing  monthly, where winner gets a kit with UnSpun & lace pattern, for this was a very satisfying accomplishment to finish this four-part series.  Watch this space as I develop that idea!    One 50g skein of Unspun 1100, sourced from  Wool of The Andes Sport  in a pastel of yellow-green called ” Green Tea Heather “.

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 green tea heather 11

Knit Picks describes the color . . .

Green Tea Heather is a soft, muted light green with subtle warm undertones. Green Tea Heather work well with warm browns or try bright shades of blue to brighten things up with pop of contrast.

It is such a light green that its almost delicate, making me think the color of a pale icy marguerita!

jenjoycedesign© Unspun 1100 green tea heather 16

Off on a journey to Arkansas from California, for Jane, as I am very grateful for her presence on my Ravelry group and countless test-knits. I am hoping all four recipients will have their fine lace yarn when I submit the pattern very soon.  Thats me now,  back to the last stretch of veils & variations. 

8 thoughts on “Posted to Arkansas

  1. Wow, Jen you did it! I guess, four happy knitter friends (around the world) are now waiting for their package to come!
    This last color is so very spring! Beautiful!
    (I once visited friends in Sierra Vista, Arizona, and always thought, I should come back again, to see the blooming desert in spring…..)

        • Ok, well, apparently AR is Arkansas, so the package did not go to Arizona, but Arkansas. I can’t believe how empty-headed and A.D.D I am these days. I guess its still upheaval from the wildfire, and transisition, and living in a shoe box … but no complaints! lol.

          • So funny :-)))) you can tell this old german woman everything…. she believes it….. LOL
            anyway: I was in Arizona! where is Arkansas? Does it worth it a journey? (I will google that)

            • What is funnier still is I thought the address sent was Arizona, ” AR “, but discovered only minutes ago, its Arkansas! Fortunately I sent it to the right state. I haven’t been to Arkansas either.

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