Aria mit verschiedenen Veränderungen

The Goldberg Variations are a work written for harpsichord by Johann Sebastian Bach, consisting of an aria and a set of 30 variations. First published in 1741, the work is one of the most important examples of variation form.

I imagine the Goldberg Variations have been performed a million times since Bach wrote it, and on every conceivable instrument.   I am a big fan of JS Bach’s music, and I’ve done a lot of  listening to YouTube recordings of this work while knitting my lace interpretation for it, but of all the performers of the Goldberg Variations,  I can’t help but consider Glen Gould possibly the most iconic.  This performance was filmed 55 years ago, and still it rocks!  (If you can’t spare 12 minutes to listen to the whole video, at least fast forward to 10:30 and listen to Glen’s commentary ) . . .  I love Glen Gould humming and enjoying himself with measured rapture during recording!

Next post I will ‘unveil’ what has been a work in progress for weeks upon weeks. I have been enjoying myself immensely for those weeks while knitting a couple samples of lace, and yet , I’m one lace piece short.  I  really want this the pattern to be submitted to Ravelry before the Valentines holiday, but fell sorrowfully behind, so the ‘missing’ lace variation will be cast on to my needles the moment this is posted.  I will take a deep breath and see you on the flip side with my new pattern very very soon!

6 thoughts on “Aria mit verschiedenen Veränderungen

    • Petra chen-chen, maybe tomorrow I’ll bring it up on my blog, then on the weekend you know, the big photo shoot with youngest niece, and I’ll just cast on for another. I am so addicted to making the UnSpun 1100, I kind of want to wait until I just make another. But then I just remembered the beautiful white yarn you sent me in Autumn, and I remember I put it away to knit up my next design… which is now THIS design! xx

  1. This was the perfect antidote to anxiety. I too love Glen Gould’s interpretation. I am sure you have seen the wonderful documentary made on him.
    Amazing man.
    It is raining here today and cool with it. Hound, Frankie, snuggled up in a basket.
    JS was perfect.
    JS and lace sounds wonderful.
    I am working on stranded knitting at the moment and miss lace.
    Can’t want for your pattern release.
    Don’t worry. We will all happily wait until it is ready.

    • Thank you Karin, and there’ll be a big pattern release give-away tomorrow (maybe up to Valentines Day) on my group. See you there, and you’ll get yours ~~ huh? xx

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