Aria With Variations: the pattern.

jenjoycedesign© Abelene & Aria 2.JPG

Hi everyone, its me Abelene.    Jen has veiled me in her new lace that she’s been hinting about for weeks in her series of  veils & variations.

jenjoycedesign© Aria detail.JPG

The lace feels so lovely, so fine, I think I feel like what it must be like to be a bride, or a Shetlander, or an Estonian knitter, modeling as best as I can in the tiny house.

jenjoycedesign© Abelene & stoles.JPG

About time she’s finished, because she is so exhausted of drawing and redrawing charts, doing math and wrestling mistakes, so she let me handle posting about the pattern.

jenjoycedesign© Aria & Variation 1 -10

Did you know that Jen’s UnSpun is the reason she  felt compelled to write this pattern? She had just an overwhelming urge to make some really fine lace yarn after watching this video ,  and worked like an ox to get a bunch of really fine lace-weight out to some friends before the pattern was ready.   The UnSpun yarn is beginning to show up now around the far corners of the world and Jen feels its time to finish up and get the lace knitting going!

jenjoycedesign© Variation 1 -4.JPG

Oh but did you notice the diamond motifs showing up in a couple of the videos in her series of veils & variations Goldberg Variations?  Jen tells me this was by pure chance and unplanned,  yet something makes her think that the diamonds must be a subliminal Bach Thing.

so here are those favorite Goldberg Variations highlights !

The pattern actually is three styles; a stole, a square hap shawl, and a cowl, all and each in four sizes!  You can see more information if you go see the pattern which is live now on Ravelry  HERE. Jen would really love it if you would join in on her pattern give-away in the spirit of Valentines, so I’m suppose to mention her post on her group over here , which is running just for a very short time, so that folks can get yarn and cast on for Valentines day!  I hope everyone is in a lace-knitting mood!

Last but not least, Jen is wildly looking forward to photographing youngest niece Miss Sixteen modeling Aria & Variations this weekend at the castle, which will make the pattern a real hit!

Ta ta,

10 thoughts on “Aria With Variations: the pattern.

    • Thanks Kelly! I was going to knit THREE, but just couldn’t manage the third. Maybe I’ll cast on now and it will get done as others are knitting it too. xx

  1. I love your lace design Jen, it is beautiful. Both stoles look delicate and gossamer. I am enjoying knitting Aria, with the one nupp, like your grey stole.

      • Thank you so much for sending me your Unspun yarn, I am looking forward to knitting with it. I just finished my first Aria and need to block it.

        • Oh Wen, that is so exciting! I hope you love wearing it! I am in the mood to make the size 3 or 4 stole, in charcoal UnSpun 1100 suddenly. Right… there’s no “suddenly” about it! xx

  2. Me too! Love this airy fine lace!
    Looking so forward to receive the Un-spun, first just to feel it and then working my shawl / hap…… and finally wearing such a hint of beautifulness!
    Thanks Jen for so much work, done for us knitting friends and jenjay design lovers ❤

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