Then and now .


Photo from archives:  Forthcoming

As I stood just this morning inside of newly framed wall of our future master bedroom, looking through the door-to-be, I recalled this photo above, taken October 2016. One year later, nearly to the date, the wildfire destroyed everything, but I think by this coming October I’ll be looking at a very similar scene.  We won’t be able to replicate the antique Windsor chair(s) , but I do recall distinctly the color of the paint in the room to be a shade lighter than the color “Monet’s Garden”, and that is indeed something to go by.  Yes, going to paint it the same shade if I can help it.  I know I’m really asking for an emotional hit when I peruse the photos of our house before the wildfire, but its all a part of rebuilding, and we’re having to consult these old photos often to build the same house, or nearly the same ~ things just change, like sixteen years of the timbers deepening to that beautiful dark honey shade… there are times that I feel so homesick and just want to go home to it.   Rebuilding just takes so much time up here in the wild, especially through the winter, but the builders are wonderful, post & beam experts commuting from far away and staying over in Napa on week nights,  trying really very hard to recreate our original home that we built ourselves, regardless of the code changes like sprinkler systems, the list goes on.  Wow.  I am overall just really grateful.  October 2019, two years after the wildfire,  I will take that above photo again, mark my words.


Photo taken today, February 15, 2019

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11 thoughts on “Then and now .

    • Difficult, and I get older by the day it seems, yet I have learned so much about my limitations, my passions, and what I am able to let go of. I am fine with my permanently altered perspectives. xx

  1. So marvelous to see the progress. Your experience is like few others, Jen. In that you built the first house and are in charge of the second. Seeing the changes certainly would be a unique experience than that of someone who had purchased their original home.
    Because you two are putting this together, this house will be different, but magical in its own way. Of that I am sure. Blessings.

    • Oh thank you Morrie, for saying that. I do of course, have a little bit of rebuilders guilt, knowing that so many hundreds who’ve lost their home in any one of the three historic wildfires in the last four years, haven’t even gotten started yet rebuilding. Who am I to go on about Windsor chairs and color of paint. But then again, if I can’t write about it on my blog, and let my closest family & friends see for themselves what is going on, then I am just very quiet about it otherwise. You know, where we live tragedy of loss has hit so many people. But rebuilding is a positive thing, and so I will continue to occasionally post a bit of progress with personal perspective. xx

  2. It’s going to be an amazing place. Yes, it won’t be a perfect replica, so it will take some adjusting to, but it will slowly feel comfortable and like home again. And who knows, you might find a windsor chair in your future.

    • Thank you Sarah. The two windsors were from Jeff’s family, as were many heirloom quilts, but I’m fine with quirky vintage now, and more minimalist spaces. Money needs to be spent on building road, and next big expense will be Jeff’s workshop. The (fire) code upgrade about demanding we improve the old logging road put us over the edge, but no complaints.

  3. Your home is progressing, and soon you will be able to live in it. The shade of green you used for the bedroom is very soothing. Jen, thank you for sharing the photos and comments. I think of you, Jeff and Emma all the time and send good thoughts your.

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