Do you see it there?  In the other room? It is just out of the sink soaking, then pressed in fluffy towels, now drying on the bed ‘blocking’ for a day,  while I polish up the pattern for it.  A pattern that I’ve been working on for  a really long time.    

Forthcoming….photographs…. then pattern…. glory of glories !

10 thoughts on “Forthcoming…

  1. Oh, you tease! Just arrived from Oz this morning, and my eyes aren’t good enough to figure out WHAT is blocking on the bed…can’t wait to see!

    • Liz, its funny the things you *don’t* see in a photo; like the odor of burnt toast lingering from my lunch, or the laundry pile I kicked out of the way before shooting, and the mobs of dog hair balls floating around, nor the cob webs all near the peak. LOL

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