Sweater Success !










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Another sweater success!   However we rather fell out of tradition this time not photographing  in Calistoga , but yet again at the castle which is my niece’s favorite photo place.  Few words this post , but I promise to be more talkative of details about the cardigan when pattern is ready, and it is forthcoming shortly!

All Sweater Successes Past & Present

Ravelry project details  here,  and   here.

14 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

    • Thanks Morrie, and yes they’re blocked. I knit them a little tight, and flat-knitted which makes the fabric a little rumply… because I still have inconsistent purl tension.

            • Morrie, the Calidez Pullover pattern has a steek option, it is knit in-the-round. But as that is not good for linen, cotton, unwoolly fibers , you know, I just had to start practicing my flat-knitting ,and come up with a flat-knitted cardigan version of Calidez (I know, I know, you will not flat-knit for man nor beast…lol)… but I wanted to make this pattern for it really needed to be made. 🙂 I’m happy now! YAY… done & dusted!

              • I congratulate you on your success. I will say that there is no fiber that you cannot steek. I made a lovely linen/cotton cardigan for the grandaughter.

                • Oh, yes, I know… I know you can steek anything (I edited the part in the post saying anything was ‘unsteekable’ … apologies. I guess I just wanted to have a nice counterpart cardigan , flat-knit. I love the seamless knitting, and flat knit seamless cardigans are a trend I’m really enjoying. 🙂
                  ps. Oh! Hey!!! I have been listening to archives of Knitting Pipeline!

    • Thank you Petra. Yes, it was getting hot by the time we got there at the castle around 10:15, but they loved their wool & alpaca cardigans so much they didn’t mind.

  1. Thank you! I request very little and feel at times I am witness to what decisions they are making. I think you are right, the look of “jenjoyce design” is definitely becoming influenced by their sense of taste, so like mine, straying very little off of classic. We unanimously prefer natural or at least played-down colors in the knitwear against the castle as backdrop which is so rich with natural tones.

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