Emma is Fourteen


Emma is fourteen today!


She is surprising us all how she is hanging in there . . .


 . . . for another spring on the mountain . . .


. . . for another May birthday . . .


. . .  perhaps a few more months yet, to move into the new house with us . . .


. . . she has lived beyond her breed’s life expectancy,  and our old girl is a real trooper!


The three of us have lived in our shoebox  tiny  house for exactly a year now, although Emma has quite taken to wanting to be in ‘her car’ a lot of the time.  She being around has made it so much easier for us to get through this time.  I must accredit Emma’s incredible longevity to her extreme athletic youth, running all over the mountain chasing critters, in part to the wonderful veterinarians at Napa Small Animal , as well as the two raw eggs she gets every day,  a very good recipe for a healthy happy old dog.  Emma, we love you, and what a happy day it is indeed!

((click 1st photo in mosaic to see slideshow))


29 thoughts on “Emma is Fourteen

    • Thanks so much Wen! I drove her up to the spot we’d be walking from all birthdays past , and got the morning light and a spray of wild iris just by good luck, and she was able to pose for a few shots, then she wanted back in her car. My baby is still a beauty, isn’t she. xx

  1. Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!! You are so sweet and so lovely. We’re so grateful to have you in our lives. Hugs and smushy faces and lots and lots of loves and kisses. xoxoxoxoxo

        • Feeding her two raw eggs a day really must take some credit, as well as her super athletic early years tearing all over this mountain on marathon wildlife chases, and a great team of veterinarians at Napa Small Animal.

  2. Happy birthday to Emma! She looks happy in the sunshine, sniffing the flowers. I am glad she has been with you another year. Every day is a gift when a beloved pet grows old.

    • Yes, Sarah, everyday I am both amazed at her health and also afraid of losing her. She’s still here. Hey, the roofers just drove up ! xx

      • Yea roofers!!!!

        It is hard to face losing one more big thing, I imagine. But take heart, my grandmother had big dogs live to be 17 and 18 years old. Lots of caregiving at the end, but they were basically healthy and happy, as Emma is.

          • She was legendary, and especially for her dogs. They were very well cared for. We counted once, there were at least 20, closer to 40. They were very lucky strays, until she was in her 80’s. That’s when she decided she would like a dog that had never been traumatized, and got a puppy. It was a German Shepherd, and she had two more of those, and two more rescues before she died at 103.

  3. Happy Birthday Emma!
    It is wonderful to see her celebrating her birthday, in the field with the flowers and in her car with her furry friends!
    Big hug to the Best Girl!
    Dr. Mary

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