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Another couple of yarn cakes of super light-weight lace, bound for Ontario Canada! As in previous posts, Wool of The Andes Sport was the original yarn, and in the cheerful color ” Sprinkle “.  Knit Picks describes their color . . .

Sprinkle is a blue violet color. The heathered strands show the beautiful color variations from a soft robin’s egg blue to a medium red violet giving it the overall look of dusty lavender.

The camera is so color selective, so I must describe what I see. I’ll add that I see flecks of gold which seem to give the color a tiny influence of beige… thus the ‘dusty’ appearance.  I also think un-plying 4 strands lessens the homogeneous affect of the carded mix of ‘heathered’ colors, so the colors are just a little bit more striking.   Photographing while looking down from on the attic ladder, my slippered feet, lavender shirt, and light brown pants ended up in the photo, and rather than crop that out,  I am again surprised to find myself dressing for the occasion!

jenjoycedesign© Unspun in lavendar 2

Absolutely gorgeous complex colorway, I am smitten.  ” UnSpun 1100 ” I have named this transformation, as it is 1100 yards & 100 grams of singly ply very luscious lace-making stuff.

jenjoycedesign© Unspun in lavendar 4

Already sent off and heading to Canada, and finished with two in the series of four. Two more of these UnSpun gifts to make, and then its back to the serious lace knitting for the upcoming pattern, but I am having a good break while making some nice yarn, so feeling really good about that!

You can see all four of this series in Unspun For Friends.

11 thoughts on “Posted to Ontario

  1. Oh how beautiful! To decide for one of those heathered colors is nearly not possible…… the are all so beautiful! It´s stunning, that they don´t lose their heathered color way, once they are unspun ( awww, do you know what I mean? when does my english skills will finally grow, like my knitting skills? LOL)

    • I know exactly what you mean, and yes, that is what I’m saying, as un-plying the 4 plies seems to intensify the color mix each strand, because the all-over visual affect of mixing the colors in the plying, is partly reversed.

    • Petra, I am really enjoying working with the colorways that the yarn companies blend, although later I think I will explore over-dying again, for then I can influence the end product even more and apply my own color artistry.

      I have noticed that there are so many different approaches to color in yarn these days from these four basic methods:
      1. Solid
      2. “Heathered” (blended colors before carding & spinning)
      3. Marled (blending different colors in the plying process)
      4. Overdyed ( blending colors after carding & spinning) .

    • Wendy, I hope I didn’t make you bashful with my posting about your yarn. I just want the world to know that you have been such a wonderful friend to exhaustively test-knit so many of my designs, but especially the lace , and now that the yarn is getting so very fine, I know it will be even more work! But please take your time and enjoy every yard I let pass through my fingers several times, thinking of and appreciating you! xx
      ps. And I think in person you’ll find the color to be extraordinary, great choice you made!

      • Dear Jen

        It is a pleasure to knit your designs. Thank you very much for making the yarn for me. The colours are wonderful in the photos and I am sure the yarn will be stunning in person.

        Love, Wendy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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