jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 4.JPG

It snowed last night!  Here at 2000 ft elevation, it is sticking, and temperature is cold enough to keep it a while.  Oh, but there seems to be something nestled into the snow…

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 3

It is two cakes of finished UnSpun!

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100.JPG

of which I mentioned in the last post .

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 6

A gorgeous blackish tealish blue, 1100 yards & 100 grams,  this super fine lace weight is ready to make a journey to Hamburg Germany!  You can see all four of this series in Unspun For Friends

And all is well in our snowy charcoal forest.


And Emma in  her  car,   snuggled under a blanket with her squirrel …

Emma & Squirrel.JPG

She hasn’t a care in the world about the snowy cold!

8 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Wow!!!!! You have snow that has stayed.

    We had snow yesterday morning, but it got quite warm and then rained for hours. Today all that is left of the snow are small piles that were left by the snow plow.

    Your Unspun yarn is beautiful.

    • Wendy, yes, such a treat and its been over 5 years since its snowed up here. I love it! Petra’s yarn is getting posted today and yours tomorrow! xx

  2. Oh my god! Nobody can be happier as me today! Those snowy photos!
    Thank you so so much, lovely kindful Jen, it means the world for me! (knitting) friends know, what’s necessary, aren’t they xoxo

    • She stayed inside the tiny house with us last night for the first time in months, as I was afraid she would freeze, but it was torture for her not to be in HER car. Cute little Emma. xx

  3. It makes the forest look so pretty! And the unspun yarn looks perfect!

    I am glad Emma has a warm place to snuggle in. Bet she is glad for the fur coat and blanket!

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