In a winter wonderland!

A winter wonderland like I’ve never seen up here, and we are officially snowbound. Even more snow than I remember seeing when we started building our original house in 2001, and I reckon possibly not as much snow since the 1990’s. Juno’s first real snowy landscape to play in, and she is off with Jeff clearing broken trees off of the road, and I am enjoying the warmth inside, looking out. Last week I nearly broke my foot, trailblazing through a tangle of big fallen trees, and although it is getting better, its still swollen and sore, so I can’t go out walking in it. But it is really nice, having to stay home because of the snow, not something we experience that often in our part of the world, but going to enjoy it, and for now being in this much snow is just magical!

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Hey Juno, its snowing!

Yesterday it snowed for a few hours, and at one point there were the biggest fluffiest flakes I’ve ever seen, but nothing stuck. It was magical looking out the window of the loft all the same, and I’m pretty sure there will be more snow in the coming weeks.



jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 4.JPG

It snowed last night!  Here at 2000 ft elevation, it is sticking, and temperature is cold enough to keep it a while.  Oh, but there seems to be something nestled into the snow…

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 3

It is two cakes of finished UnSpun!

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100.JPG

of which I mentioned in the last post .

jenjoycedesign© midnight heather Unspun 1100 6

A gorgeous blackish tealish blue, 1100 yards & 100 grams,  this super fine lace weight is ready to make a journey to Hamburg Germany!  You can see all four of this series in Unspun For Friends

And all is well in our snowy charcoal forest.


And Emma in  her  car,   snuggled under a blanket with her squirrel …

Emma & Squirrel.JPG

She hasn’t a care in the world about the snowy cold!