Hey Juno, its snowing!

Yesterday it snowed for a few hours, and at one point there were the biggest fluffiest flakes I’ve ever seen, but nothing stuck. It was magical looking out the window of the loft all the same, and I’m pretty sure there will be more snow in the coming weeks.


9 thoughts on “Hey Juno, its snowing!

    • Hi Gretchen, we’re at the snowline in the North Bay mountains, where a light dustings of snow is normal for us. However, in the last 7 or so years, we’ve skipped a few snowfalls. I am just so happy to have it happen, and the temps to get low enough, and the glorious rain!
      I looked in the archives of my blog, the last heavy snow fall that was around for a couple of weeks was February 2011.

  1. Juno is wondering what that white stuff is, Did you let Juno outside to catch the snowflakes?

    We got snow last night into this morning. We had snow earlier in the week but most of it melted,

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