Sweater Success !

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 40-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 38-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 18 -

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 53-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 12 -

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 32-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 50-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 34-

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 27-

I didn’t make it all the way to Calistoga for the actual Lincoln Street locale, but we improvised in St Helena instead.  After meeting at St Helena Roastery, for coffee (please tell me you don’t notice the drop of chocolate syrup from Miss Fifteen’s mocha, spilled on her Lincoln Street before the photo shoot… lol!),  we then took the photos against the stone of the St Helena Catholic Church, then went to Lolo’s Consignment Shop. Lastly we had lunch at Villa Corona, and walked around the Main Street a while too. Absolutely colossally wonderful summer day spent together with my nieces!

jenjoycedesign© Lincoln Street 44

Now you can make your own Lincoln Street sleeveless …

and the pattern is available !

Details are HERE.


24 thoughts on “Sweater Success !

      • SO very grown up. When did that happen!? I feel like I bent down to pick something up and when I looked up there they are all grown up. I still remember them hanging out of the loft room window shouting for me to come play…..

    • Right, not until I mentioned it. So funny, I freaked out , taking a close-up of Miss Fifteen, as I thought it was a dropped stitch! Then, realizing it was only a drip of chocolate syrup, I laughed, but of course, Miss Fifteen was so embarrassed. It was a delightful bit of funniness actually. xx

  1. Hi, Jen love the sweaters, they look great and couldn’t fit better to your beautiful nieces. They should feel very lucky to have such a great knitter and designer as their aunt. Lovely.

  2. ..oh yes! I go with all the other comments: just stunning and so gorgeous! (of course, both….. grown up girls and the tops)
    so well done Jen. curious to see more projects coming up on ravelry, from this design!

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