A Cheerful Teapot

jenjoycedesign©a-teapot (2)

Meet my new cheerful little teapot, nearly the color of golden honey, or milky tea, or marigolds.

This morning I was over at Morrie’s house. She has quite the collection of tea and teapots, the most adorable little ones too. We had an impromptu ‘tasting’ of three teas,  not because of any reason other than  I wanted to use all three of her littlest cuties that happened to be within arms reach, and because there were all these bags of tea everywhere, we pulled out of kitchen crevasses while looking for the Earl Grey.

Then  I spread out my latest knitteds on Morrie’s kitchen table, and we discussed sock formulas and then she showed me her latest black Shetland raw fleece and we buried our noses into it while both agreeing it was the finest and very sweet smelling! We flipped pages in knitting books, fondled yarnish things, and we infused each other with ideas as the tea infused in the pots. And so it is . After having come back from Black Sheep Gathering with fleeces to show me, she was a bit preoccupied about  ‘ observing process ‘ over ‘ processing observation ‘.  I can just hang with someone like that !

So anyway, I wanted to show you my teapot, my very first teapot ever I can remember having, strangely.  It is a three or four-cupper, and I got it for $2 down town at the thrift shop on the way home from Morrie’s,  and the loose tea stays nicely at the bottom while I pour the tea out ~~~  it just doesn’t get any better than that !  I’m having my first cup of tea (Irish Breakfast) from it right now.

I think I will make some shortbread to go with ! 

12 thoughts on “A Cheerful Teapot

    • You would have liked hanging with Morrie too… 🙂
      Funny how a thing such as a golden little teapot can make one’s life a little nicer. So strange. I think I’m in the mood for Things Honey Golden !!! 🙂

  1. Cool teapot. So now you have to make a tea cozy, here’s some food for thought. My Welsh grandmother used to take apart old worn out wool sweaters and knit tea cozy’s out of them along with a whole bunch of other stuff. I remember the knit was very very tight and stiff, but it kept the tea warm for a long time. When I was very young, during the Welsh winters I would use the tea cozy as a hat, it never really looked too cool but when its cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey you really don’t care. Lovely photo, J.

    • I think you’re really only a little bit ‘cooler’ now than you were then. 🙂 And very loveable always. You need a tea cozy for your teapot , perhaps I will find a thrift shop sweater, unravel it, and make one for each of us. Yeah, when I have nothing else to do…lol.

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