Knitters From The World

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I love to see others’ artful interpretations of Calidez Vest,

and when it is with handspun, all the better!


From Tennessee, “Lioness Ramping” has knit Calidez Vest with some of her own gorgeous handspun, has done a color palette breakdown, and goes over the top with fabulous finish photos in a Bohemian style!  Even though somewhere in this talented spinner-knitter’s notes she says she hasn’t found buttons for it yet, all the same, she gives the pattern great praise ~~ thank you LionessRamping for your artful handspun excellent knitting, it is truly an asset to the design!  See her project on Ravelry HERE.  (All photos belong to LionessRamping)

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Knitters From The World

From Flanders,   Zonneke has done a stellar job of knitting Calidez Vest, and to her I am very grateful for letting me post here her artful photo. She has made Calidez Vest in the ever popular Alafosslopi yarn from Iceland ; a crisp, well-behaved  yarn,  heathered in so many gorgeous tweedy shades, softening beautifully with wear. Just a gorgeous yarn all around,  especially when knitted up so well as this!

I want to say how really delightful and wonderful I think it is that this design is my most popular of them all, but even more so that so many knitters who buy the pattern are making it for men! I think there are quite possibly more men out in the world wearing a hand-knitted Calidez Vest than there are women. This is great actually. Anyway, I am charmed off of my chair with your artful presentation Zonneke , and thank you for your excellent knitting!

December solstice ahead . . .

Ginsling 1

photo by Ginsling

The December Solstice is almost here, and although imminent Winter will arrive in California with a dank dark chill, I can’t help but be lost in dreams of Summer when I see these photos, feeling the heat of the sun bearing down and smelling the bleached hay fields that I am so accustomed to in my own wild landscape of July.

Ginsling 2

photo by Ginsling

A landscape which belongs to Summer, which it is soon to be in Australia.

Ginsling 3

photo by Ginsling

And a most artful Knitter From The World, is a knitter of Australia, and named in Ravelry as Ginsling .  She has created a stunning stole in kid mohair & silk,  and the photographs are completely representative of the essence of the design of  Golden Fields Stole.

Ginsling 4

photo by Ginsling

Ginsling’s “Remembering The Golden Fields” lace stole is a truly beautiful work, and I am feeling those sparkling rays of sun over on the flipside of the planet in the forthcoming Winter days over here in California.   Thank you Ginsling, for allowing me to honor your beautiful work, represented and photographed in my absolute favorite way ~~ in the wild!

♥    ♥   ♥

Edited in postscript:  I sincerely hope that the timing of this post is not insensitive, being that there are unprecedented wildfires tearing through the part of Australia where Ginsling lives, but as a sister to her in the experience of wildfire, and a bit of a phoenix too, I am sending out a prayer as regular as my own breath that the homes and welfare of she and her kith & kin remain unsinged.

Knitters From The World


Photo by Strickgut

From Hamburg in Germany, there lives a genius with needles and yarn by the Ravelry name Strickgut.  She has made a beautiful and immaculate Christmas tree ball using the motifs from Wee Hearts, which is to my delight a colossal gift from her to All Knitters !

strickgut's ball 2

Photo by Strickgut

And because Strickgut is as generous as she is brilliant, she has provided the knitting community with her ball chart (by my request, but it is of the colorwork only, no inc/dec’s) which can be found on her project page on Ravelry, over here, so Knitters All, there is no reason we cant have some beautiful festive knitting in our holidays,  gratis Strickgut.    Danke Chen*chen!

Knitters From The World

Hiyastricklust's Solstice Tam

photo by Hiyastricklust

From an enchanted coast in Denmark,  you might by chance see a lovely lady strolling the rocky Baltic Sea edge in a Solstice Lanterns Tam.  This is an outstanding knit of the design, as I am so very fond of the natural colorway of Hiyastricklust’s tam.  Hers is a great example of how the kaleidoscopic affect of the motifs alone are interesting enough, without making the lantern “lights” a focal point. It is a “lights out” version.

Hiyastricklust's Solstice Tam 2

photo by Hiyastricklust

Oh and is that really a thatched roof I see in the countryside there?   Utterly charmed lives some knitters have ~~ thank you Hiyastricklust, for your lovely artful knitting !

Knitters From The World

Fishwives Shoal makes a beautiful appearance in the wild of Sweden,

with Halvyllet’s Fishwives Stola . . .


photo by Halvyllet


photo by Halvyllet

There are some absolutely fantastic finishes of some of Jenjoyce Designs showing up in the Ravelry FO’s feed, and this being one that has inspired me to make a new series of posts on my blog ” Knitters From The World”.  I so appreciate these exceptionally beautiful photos of the knitter in the wild, it touches my heart, thank you Halvyllet!

A Summer Thing


A delightful, soothing, and downright gorgeous finished knit has appeared in Ravelry feed!  Safiyyyah’s Highway 29 Halter !

You can see her project details on Ravelry here.

♣     ♣     ♣

Meanwhile, I’ve got a summer thing just off the needles too.

jenjoycedesign© summer-thing-one

A new forthcoming design for summer is most definitely here,

with spells of high heat and endless blue skies.