Knitters From The World

From Flanders,   Zonneke has done a stellar job of knitting Calidez Vest, and to her I am very grateful for letting me post here her artful photo. She has made Calidez Vest in the ever popular Alafosslopi yarn from Iceland ; a crisp, well-behaved  yarn,  heathered in so many gorgeous tweedy shades, softening beautifully with wear. Just a gorgeous yarn all around,  especially when knitted up so well as this!

I want to say how really delightful and wonderful I think it is that this design is my most popular of them all, but even more so that so many knitters who buy the pattern are making it for men! I think there are quite possibly more men out in the world wearing a hand-knitted Calidez Vest than there are women. This is great actually. Anyway, I am charmed off of my chair with your artful presentation Zonneke , and thank you for your excellent knitting!

10 thoughts on “Knitters From The World

  1. This is synergy.
    A classic pattern. Just wonderful Jen.
    And a fabulous rendition. Well done Zonneke.
    I love a vest and this version is reminding me I need to knit one.
    This vest looks like it is going to get a lot of wear.

    • Your vest is (wish I could say it in Vlaams!) AWESOME! I just uploaded another photo from your project files, if thats okay, so the vest really is seen well. Beautiful buttons too, are those leather woven? xx

  2. Wanting to play safe, I chose a lookalike synthetic button bc apparently real leather buttons don’t wear well on a garment that ‘ll sometimes need a soak. The vest won’t need one often, but still …. to prevent problems not looking fwd to eventually remove leather buttons and sew them on again 😦

    • Good choice, because yes, as is with wooden buttons, they must be removed to be washed and not the most considerate gift that way. Your buttons are a great choice. xx

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