December solstice ahead . . .

Ginsling 1

photo by Ginsling

The December Solstice is almost here, and although imminent Winter will arrive in California with a dank dark chill, I can’t help but be lost in dreams of Summer when I see these photos, feeling the heat of the sun bearing down and smelling the bleached hay fields that I am so accustomed to in my own wild landscape of July.

Ginsling 2

photo by Ginsling

A landscape which belongs to Summer, which it is soon to be in Australia.

Ginsling 3

photo by Ginsling

And a most artful Knitter From The World, is a knitter of Australia, and named in Ravelry as Ginsling .  She has created a stunning stole in kid mohair & silk,  and the photographs are completely representative of the essence of the design of  Golden Fields Stole.

Ginsling 4

photo by Ginsling

Ginsling’s “Remembering The Golden Fields” lace stole is a truly beautiful work, and I am feeling those sparkling rays of sun over on the flipside of the planet in the forthcoming Winter days over here in California.   Thank you Ginsling, for allowing me to honor your beautiful work, represented and photographed in my absolute favorite way ~~ in the wild!

♥    ♥   ♥

Edited in postscript:  I sincerely hope that the timing of this post is not insensitive, being that there are unprecedented wildfires tearing through the part of Australia where Ginsling lives, but as a sister to her in the experience of wildfire, and a bit of a phoenix too, I am sending out a prayer as regular as my own breath that the homes and welfare of she and her kith & kin remain unsinged.

8 thoughts on “December solstice ahead . . .

  1. I LOVE this shawl. I have one on my needles which I pick up now and again between all the other projects that call to me from their bags. One day it will be finished in all its glory and I can only hope it will be 1/2 as stunning as this beautiful piece of art. Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays to all of you, my cyber knitting friends. Peace and Love, Virginia

    • Virginia, I am really looking forward to all the FO’s happening in 2020 that I have had squirreled away ~~ too! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family ! xx

  2. Dear Jen
    Such a beautiful pattern you have created with here.
    It captures every magical moment that sits along that fine line that exists between summer ending and the cold winter days beginning.
    I loved the rhythm of the pattern too.
    Thank you so much.
    Cheer and love
    P.S. No insensitivity at all. You have expressed our relationship to land and to fire perfectly.
    Thank you.

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