The Solstice Ahead

jenjoycedesign© new design 2

About five and a half weeks away is the Winter Solstice, and I am working like an ox to get this here tam up and running ahead of the holidays so knitters can knit it for the holidays.   As soon as I finish knitting the prototype here I’ll be done & dusted ;  I’ve got the pattern all ready to go, charts are drawn and redrawn, then drawn again, and so I am confident that the Up & Coming is going to be ready in a blink. It is certainly a significant personal accomplishment in the wake of a couple of years where my creative brain seemed to be on vacation somewhere far away.    It will be knit, blocked (that is, put into a lovely tam shape and un-wrinkled so to speak), then photographed . . . all in the next couple of days.  This is it, the pressure is on . . . and I am on it !

jenjoycedesign© new design 3.JPG

Very soon, very soon,  I will present this holiday design owning a bit of spiritual nuance and a jolly lot of cheer!

10 thoughts on “The Solstice Ahead

  1. Yes! Looking good! so christmassy in white, green and red! The pattern reminds me on acorns in it´s form…..
    I am off, stash diving 🙂

  2. Oh!!! Gorgeous. And how lovely you are flying with designs!
    I am going over to rav to see if you need test-knitters…
    I can think of nothing better to do while my Ghost-town state burns (my ghost-town is safe at the moment) that dream of winter! Lol.
    Well done Jen!
    Much love

    • O’ “Karin of many sir names”…. lol. I would love it if you wanted to knit this new holiday design, so keep your eyes peeled over on the group, for sure! Winter schminter… no rain here, temperatures are WARM. Gah! I want winter!!! xx
      ps( and dear you , thank you for donating to my niece’s music camp fund raiser ! )

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