Soon To Be Spring

I was taking photos of yarn to see if I could sell on ebay,  in attempt to lessen my random stash. This very old cotton nubby yarn is from the 80’s, which was my mother’s, and which she purchased just before she died.  I was proceeding with photographing to sell, and in doing so I just fell in love with it.  I just can’t let this little stash of ‘Giselle’ go, I am posting it here instead, in honor of it ~ rather ~ in honor of my mother’s knitting. I love photographing beneath the south-east skylight, in late winter, as the particular seasonal light seems to sometimes make things look so rich with color, texture and a glow, which of course, is rich with memories.   I remember fondly my mom knitting a lot. So  I’m keeping these little nubby cotton skeins, just to have with me.  Just to have a bit of my mom’s yarn.

Now that I have looked differently at these yarns, I am thinking I will hang on to my stash, all of it, and there’ll be a time when they will speak to me.  The Vernal Equinox will be here in a blink, and the wild fruit trees are already starting to tentatively blossom here!

6 thoughts on “Soon To Be Spring

  1. Blooming already? Seriously? I don’t think I would be able to let go of that Giselle either considering the circumstances! Funny how things like that become so important after the loved one is gone. Yes, I think your stash will speak to you someday and tell you what it wants to become. Cute niece sweaters!

    • Knitted curtains? !!! BRilliant !!! I’ve never *seen* knitted curtains… but sounds so easy, yeah … on huge needles. I think For the cone of cotton, this is just what I’ll do. Thanks a million Morrie !

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