the new tune

And now, a new tune for a new season!  This latest tune recorded just a few days ago at John’s, may bring to mind some quaint scene from Wind In The Willows, but actually, it came about this way : Taking a break composing a different tune, while John made tea, I was messing around with ascending and descending notes, then John brought in the tea. John soon came up with some perfect chords, and then a sort of changing melody started to gel. We agreed it would be very pleasing to descend in the minor, and ascend in the major ….and to quick record it ! But that’s not all. John’s wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier named “Badger” would not stop gnawing loudly on his chew toy, so , in order to get a recording without Badger chewing loudly in the background, we had to take it from him. (Poor Badger. Think of him giving us the sad-eye while we recorded this.)

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